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If you're hot and packing, then no time is bad for me right now!red_smile
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It's purely hormonal...in the best way!    :D

This article says 11 PM Saturday, for gals, anyways.

What's yours?

11pm is actually when guys start to get calls from girls (dorm). It starts at 10:30pm and peaks then. We were joking about it last week that girls that horny that time but apparently that is true...

I typically see girls between the hours of 3:00PM-4:00AM in the morning. But, if it's around 6:00AM-11:00AM, then forget about it. I don't enjoy giving my SO morning sex, it's because I just woke up, and sex to me requires a lot of work from me, and it's too much exercise that early in the morning. What about a quicky you might ask? The nut just feels different. I like to bust warm and hard loads.

Sex requires a lot of energy from me, and I try to make the most of it. So, typically, the times of 3:00PM-4:00AM is when I am fully awake, my body is ready, and mentally I am ready. These day's, I tend to see providers past midnight, and, I might squeeze in a few 6:00PM-8:00PM appointments with the very well reviewed providers.

Are you kidding me??? I am literally horny 24/7, unless in the very rare case I am ill or something. I am easily provoked/stimulated by pretty much anything even remotely sexual. If I see a hot guy (or girl, or couple...) in the store, it gets my juices flowing. A sexy pic found online? Yes. The new Victoria's Secret catalog arriving? Yes. Reading the *right* threads on the TER boards, or even briefly browsing the reviews? YES. It all gets me going.

I'm a horny girl. I am NOT a morning person, but if my FWB wakes me up with his hard cock (which he always does when I spend the night, God bless him!) then it's ON! Is it noon? Let's do it! 11pm? I'm game. 4am? Why not??? :D There are also certain times of the month when hormonal fluctuations make me wild-animal style extra horny.

I am one of those girls who just can't get enough cock. Is it because I don't have a boyfriend? Is it because my FWB lives 2 hours away? :-( Is it because the biz has been very slow around here lately? Lol... Actually I doubt it is any of these reasons, although they sure don't help. I have been perpetually horny for as long as I have been sexually active. And that fact that I'm at that women's "sexual prime" age just makes things even... Wetter. ;-)

All right, I've bared my soul here with this blatantly honest answer. Now will someone please email me so we can have some fun?? I have pretty much worn out the batteries in most of my toys. :-)

Craving the Cock ALWAYS...

Carmen Sinclair

My wife prefers about 10 or so PM. We compromise and very when we play.

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reviews as I tend to receive a performance point (and looks point too...lol) higher during the evening ....9-10 vs 8-9
I don't doubt it...just not as cognizant before noon and certainly more ready to get my freak on when the sum goes down.

No time is the right time being this is on demand sex, but if I were with a bf proabbly that morning wake up or after a hot bath before bedtime.

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My right time is 6 and 9.

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This article says 11 PM Saturday, for gals, anyways.

What's yours?

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