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Why can't ya'll be honest ?
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Us older guys are easier to get off and don't ask for 2nds ..... LOL

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I was just wondering what age range do providers normal have? Do providers normally see more men over the age of 35? or under 35?

I love men of all ages! I often say that I can find something endearing about men in every decade.
I have seen men from there young 20's all the way through their late 60's. There is something about every man that I can find to appreciate and each other comes with his own set of quirks as well as lovely qualities. I have no limits around the age of the men I see.

Hope you older ladies do not mind the young ones. Feel free to prey on me!

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Personally I wont see anyone under age 35, ideally I love the age 50+ crowd but I am in my mid 40s and the idea of seeing anyone young enough to be my kid just grosses me out.

I find I enjoy my sessions so much more with guys closer to my age or older.

But a younger provider might very well enjoy the younger men alot more than the older guys because she is more comfortable with them.

So it all just depends on where her comfort level is.

The gents I usually see generally range in ages from early 40s to late 60s.
I have seen gents who are in their 20s not too many and some who are in the age range of 30-39.
Between 45-60 seem to be the age range that contacts me the most.

Dear Jaydalee:
What other factors do you consider outside of age? What other questions do you consider so that the nature and scope of conversation that you would have would be compatible,pleasant and easy moving when you convene with a prospective client? Also how would these factors coincide with age as well?

I love your reply.  It takes a special woman to handle an experienced gent.

I prefer the older men not only are they better in tune with what a woman wants but also I dont have to deal with immaturity.

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Us older guys are easier to get off and don't ask for 2nds ..... LOL

I am very difficult to get off.  But I don't ask for seconds because after an hour of wind sprints and distance running, I get tired, and she is tired of me.  My stamina would be considered awesome by women that are on the slow clock, but I haven't found that providers are in it for the kicks and they want the race to end.  I always ask a provider if she wants to see me because I know I am extra work.  I tip them accordingly, but still.....  

58 and still ticking like the Energizer Bunny...

Not necessarily many gents I see that are older say they cannot do a 2nd round most of the time I can prove them wrong.I don't categorize the age of the gent with getting him off faster if he is older.
I have had 20/30 yr olds done in a few minutes and older gents 40s and up that keep going,going,and going.lol
I think it all depends on the person and their stamina level.

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I have seen as young as 18 & as old as 85... but now that I myself am over 30, I prefer the over 35 crowd. We have more in common & in general, they know how to treat a lady. BUT, there are always exceptions to everything & I have as well seen plenty of guys under 35 who are just as pleasant to be around as the over 35 crowd.

is gentlemen 35+. I have seen clients in their 20's and they are what I like to call my problem clients. I tend to get nonstop emails/texts and I feel they blur the line between provider/client relationship. Most of my clients are in the 40-65 range and I thoroughly enjoy their company.

My clients age range from 20 to 84 years old.
Actually 84 years old gentleman visit me almost every week!

For the appointment wise, there's pros and cons for both younger and older.
Also, I can't generalize them by age for the quality and quantity of the session.

Some older clients are like super hungry fast food mentality and can do all night (thanks Viagra?)and some younger clients are pretty much sophisticated and enjoy the journey of the session slowly.

You are so right, sweetheart.

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