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I just threw up in my mouth [eom]
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I cater towards older gents and the majority of the session is spent enjoying each other's company and not focused on anything sexual.

Yes. Nice older Japanese man. We'd go to dinner, then to strip clubs together, and he'd give me several $100 bills to give to the dancers on stage. Then we'd go back to his place and talk for the rest of the night.

Occasionally some of my other guys would prefer to just relax and talk, too.

Posted By: prepkid
Just wondering if this happens in the real world.

That someone wants absolutely no sexual contact.

But a person who I have seen more than once did not want sexual contact.Might be hard to believe but in some cases it does happen.
He is a older gentleman who wanted to spend his time having dinner,cocktails,and talking.
Contact was limited to hand holding,talking,and some kisses here and there.
I will admit this type of situation is rare and has only happened to me with this specific gentleman but I had a great time and he has a engaging awesome personality.

Yes, some guys are really just looking for someone to talk to & listen to their problems, or just cuddling, & nothing else.... it is not as rare as one might think, lol.

Posted By: prepkid
Just wondering if this happens in the real world.

i always wanted to find a girl that connects to me very well in conversation, interests so i can got to her and just talk about regular stuff. but the moment i look at her hotness my little guy takes over my controls.

Just likes to go to lunch and either before or after we spoon............

It happens all the time....

Posted By: prepkid
Just wondering if this happens in the real world.

but I've turned down 2 gentlemen who wanted this type of arrangement.  If I'm not getting any action at the end of the date, I'm just not interested.  How shallow is that?  Oh well!

I enjoy a complete experience...of the mind, body and soul.  :)

Probably not advertised and always less than the GFE rate.  Typically $100/hr for a girl that's 300 for GFE.

I'm sure it's more common that you think because it is done quietly and with no reviews.

I have done it with an ATF.  She sent me a text saying she wanted to see me (told me she was broke, and of course I wanted to help).  Replied that my tool had recently been scraped up by another toothy girl, but I would be happy to take her out to dinner.  Was planning on forwarding half the usual gift for the next hour, but she quoted me her "dinner" rate and we went.  (The only thing more stupid than lending money to a hooker, is lending money to a stripper).  I simply paid for dinner and her time.

Key factors going into this:
Very little conversation in all our other meetings.  Her mouth is busy doing other things.
I have been a regular, so she had no problem (trust) getting into my car to go.

We went for an hour to just eat and talk.  I was amazed by all the things she told me...find out how interconnected the local girls are.  Most know each other,  have worked for the same agencies (over time)...even done doubles together (more than I imagined).  I even got the hear the providers side of the story on a NCNS I had experience with another provider three years before.

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I have done so four times now. Once because I needed honest information from a providers point of view about the hobby. Once because I got my STD test back about hour or two before the appointment and I found out I had chlamydia and I decided it was too late to cancel without paying so I took her out to eat instead. Twice when the time came for the appointment I was not in the mood for sex. One of those dates we just talked the other I fed her McDonald's food as it was close to her motel and I lost my driver's licence because of heath reasons.

Now I don't do it regularly and had f*cked all but one of those ladies ether before or after. But I have had paid just for time.

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