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I have something set up for tonight with a woman I have not seen before and she is $200, not the average $350-$400 market prices that are typical of the area. I think a lot of these women encourage 2 hour dates for that lower price point, or maybe they see a lot of clients? Do the lower cost gals entertain more clients and therefor be less less clean per say?

Don't worry about it, and if she stinks send her home.

...I was just as clean as I am today (though I am obsessed with cleaning my belly button now because some men love licking the area). I saw no more than three clients in a day once a week during incall for one hour meetings and overnights...same thing when I was on tour, so even though my volume has changed now I would not consider myself high volume then.

Also, I provided incall in nice hotels (not the four seasons, but 4-5 star) and always had wine, snacks and candles available for ambiance.

Every provider is different, and volume/cleanliness do not always correlate with rates.

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There are also high dollar, high volume ladies.

Check her reviews.  A low cost escort may not be business savvy but she could be a great provider.

Quality, or quantity.  I want to work smarter, not harder!

Charge based upon your city...or what you feel your value is. NYC will always be a 2hr min.....over 400-800 per hour. Min of 4 refs and advanced appt...to each her own. Remember this is a business Not a friendship..!lol

Don't base your decisions just on the rate.
I have seen a $500 an hour lady that needed a bath and tried to stick me with the room bill.
A $300 an hour lady that rocked my world.
and $150 that got the job done and thanked me for the tip.  

If you are worried about how clean she is, check her reviews and see what the other guys are saying.
Paying more doesn't mean she is clean!

In certain cities that rate will get you a very good provider. I saw 2 of your reviews were in Phoenix, if in fact you're seeing a provider in Phoenix if you've chosen carefully you should be fine. It's a myth that the more you spend the better the experience. There's a lot that goes into a provider determining her rate. If the reviews are good I wouldn't worry. The rate is not the end all be all

My rates are under $200 and I am very comfortable with that.  I am not high volume,  I will not see more than 2 a day on an outcall and no more than three a day if I am hosting an incall.

I am even content not to have a session every day.

I know my price point and comfort level and I am content where I am.  I enjoy older gents and blue collar workers and I market myself towards them.

As someone else mentioned a lady's rate has nothing to do with how clean or how many gents she sees in a day.

read the reviews and it should give you a good idea of wether or not she is worth the price she charges.

I see a couple of ladies in the $200 range that would run circles around some of the ladies in the $500 range.   Has absolutely nothing to do with price.  Quality is quality at any price point.  TOFTT and report back.

It would have been impossible. A higher rate won't equal a better "sexual" experience but there are many perks that a girl charging 3k can provide that would be counter productive for me at my rates. For instance, if I were only making half my rate no way in hell I could spend 200 a day on a room much less provide several private incalls...unless I wanted to see at least 3 guys a day, and that's too much to keep up with.  I also could not afford to buy every guy say a nice cigar or a bottle of Scotch because again, I would have to see yet another client that day to make it up.

I also did not provide gfe...it was one pop, no daty or kissing, and out they went. I was miserable and worn the hell out. Now, I make my money touring 6-8 days a month and might see 2 or 3 when I am home. Happy Provider= Happy P*ssy=Happy Clients.

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....she's $200....is she new?  

What would make you think because she's in the 200-something range she might be less clean?

Listen there are providers 350hr plus who enjoy being fuck factories, fitting in as many as possible and you'll find the same in lesser rates. There are providers who are 200-250 and might only see 2 appts a day because they have other stuff going on.

Basically it depends and how many ladies a guy screws more or less doesn't have a thing to do with her price point nor her hygiene  or how she provides.

Good luck.

Is it based on your skill set or your looks or just your gut feeling? How do you ladies fix your rates? Based on other providers in the area?

Well it may be all for not. I tried to confirm my 10pm at noon and at 6 and got no response. I just tried again at 9 asking if she could confirm a cancellation and its now 9.15 and have no response. I usually don't get blown off by reviewed providers. So far I'm not very impressed with her on a business stand point. I thought it was strange that she never checked my profile on P411 before accepting a date.

Just had a funny feeling the whole time, which is why I posted about it here. Not the price...the provider in general

I'm new at this online side of things, so I am learning here. I had clients in my former city that I'd seen for a long time at a better rate, so I am now having to restructure everything. My former city's rates would never work here in FL. The way I decided on mine was that I took what I used to get and divided it in half. The rate seems still higher for my area, but I am comfortable there so far- not too busy, but not completely dead either. Yes, I guess you  could say for me it's a "gut" feeling, mixed with other local providers' rates. But other providers' rates seem all over the place here. I've seen $75/hr to $500/hr, and maybe even more. So who knows!

I just have to figure out the advertising thing. ;)

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Is it based on your skill set or your looks or just your gut feeling? How do you ladies fix your rates? Based on other providers in the area?

I am one of those providers who charges 200..I have been told numerous times by many different clients I should charge more.( and they always tip me very well) I have also been told the same by other proivders. I am always very clean and freshly showered. I am no revolving door..I limit myself to the number of clients I see in a week and of course a day. It is a rare occasion that I would see 2 in one day. Just not me..I dont do this everyday of the week either. Last week I saw 2 clients, be it one client was 3 days in a row for 4 hrs each day but that also included dinner time. The other was a 2 hr appt. I did not answer the phone after that.( if a client leaves me a message, I always call back.) I was done and I had a wonderful time with each of these fine gentlemen. I give my all when I am with someone. I don't hold back or TRY not to fake anything. Most times I dont have to fake it which I am grateful for. I also ONLY do outcalls. That means my overhead is low because I NEVER pay for the room. That would mean I do incalls, which I never do.

My reviews speak for themselves. I guess I am one of those low-volume providers.

I got into this life for more reasons then the all mighty dollar( but the money has its perks)..there I sadi it, shoot me now..This "life" was and is my fantasy. I am enjoying the company of the men I get to meet and  who are included in my fantasy. I find it a complete turn on to get paid for this. Its part of MY fanatsy. I also love the idea I get to fulfill others fanatsy or just have great amazing sex. ( and please don't think for one moment I don't screen just because I don't ask a million questions, I have my ways)

I have regulars and I do travel for them and enjoy every minute of it.

But I am so sick of hearing people on both sides of the fence bitch and moan about what a woman charges. If you are leary of someone, no matter what they charge, do your homework. Then make whats called an ADULT INFORMED DECISION ..

I dont mean to be rude or mean, Im just blunt.. here or in person, this is me..

ENjoy and stop over analzing everything to death..go get LAID!!!! Have some fun!!!

I could not agree more Bridgette.I see mostly newbie's in my area(like fresh experiences), have seen over 10% of the top 100 in my area too.But none of those $300-$500 ladies break into my top 5 in "greatest  times had".

The only way the lower cost equates to high volume is IF that lower cost provider has the very same bills as the higher priced one.

2 providers both having 5k a month in bills they must make, means the higher priced one will in fact see less people. If at $200 an hour you can get by without having to see 8 guys a week, you're just fine, but that is rarely the case. The bills don't change with the tag some put on them.

The reason I had to be more high volume when I started was because I had the same bills, but I was making less money per date. Now, I make more money and see less people...bills are still the same if not more though.

The reason many guys assume lower price means high volume is because there are so many rates where there is no way in hell that many people are paying them. It is very rare to say make money in my area if you are over $300 an hour. Now, if you travel you can make the higher rates, but locally you are not even seeing 2 a week.

The things you guys think of is AMAZING! This is the stuff stereotypes are made of! I mean really, to think a lady is unclean because of what she charges? Price has nothing to do with someone's hygiene. And a lower price does not mean she may see more clients per day, who's to say a lady that charges more doesn't get ran through daily? You need to consider the lady you are seeing as an individual, you are seriously overgeneralizing and misinformed. Yes, you can hobby however you like and at whatever price point you like, but to insult a provider on any level, by making crazy assumptions, since it is US that you seek, is NOT cool in my book. Here's a hint, see the $200 girl and use the rest of the money you would have on a higher priced provider to get VIP and do your research!

Prices are determined by a lady's p*ssy power. End of story. It's our value on what we can provide to you, and as London said, it's because we CAN! Shut your face about it, it's not up for debate, just go to the bank! Please and thank you! LOL!

Personally, I charge under 300/ hr, because I don't want to price gouge. I consider where a guy is coming from and his human need to have a little fun. Like a lot of other ladies that charge a little lower, I also have been told to charge more but why? I am already using my p*ssy power to my advantage. I am content with what I charge, it helps me with what I need to do, and I do encourage multi- hour appointments over an hour. I'd rather a gentleman be comfortable on all levels when he sees me. If he can afford to come back and see me a few times a month to indulge then cool. If he can't then that's fine too. I seek to genuinely enjoy myself, remain authentic, and entertain a gentleman that would appreciate a level of service that displays realness over scripted/ limited encounters. High priced snobs don't interest me so that's fine that I don't charge more. I'm not the lady for them. I probably see less clients in a month than most ladies that have answered your post, and still do fine, but again, that's my choice. I always wash my ass, shave/ wax, smell good, keep my skin soft, and do what I need to do as a woman to please a man! And hell, in DC, the clinics and testing are free, so getting tested is a quarterly social event, easy, fun, quick and painless. And, my mother taught me how to wash my p*ssy, so cleanliness is never an issue.

Guys, please use TER to your advantage and stop making crazy assumptions. So NOT sexy!


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I have something set up for tonight with a woman I have not seen before and she is $200, not the average $350-$400 market prices that are typical of the area. I think a lot of these women encourage 2 hour dates for that lower price point, or maybe they see a lot of clients? Do the lower cost gals entertain more clients and therefor be less less clean per say?

I have been hobbying for a year now and have a little over a dozen providers now. My best experience was with a $$ provider who ended up spending 3 hours with me because we hit it off. She sees one client a day on top of her civvie job. She likes sex and the money helps too. I have seen her once a month now for the last six months and it's been great. My ex-ATF who was $$$$$ would spend half of the time talking about herself, ncns few times, and for sure saw 2-3 clients a day. Yes, the higher priced one was probably one star higher in looks but 1 star lower in performance. So, it's a wash; I rather save the $$$ per visit and getting at least 1-2 hours more of OTC time.

Guess who gave a great BBBJ an swallowed and I left very happy, and which one gave an uninspired date?

The better of the two times was the $100 Backpage girl. I though about giving her an 8/8 which was being easy on her as she looked very distracted the whole date. Truth would be closer to a 8/6 or so, but something kept me from reviewing. The same thing will keep me from back-channeling. There is a reason I will no longer give out my handle to a lady I am booking with.

Fact is I have had four dates I paid over four hundred an hour per girl (five if you count the one that robbed me) and all of them but one rate in my top 10 worse paid dates. That one was a $200 an hour girl I deliberately over paid. My best dates have charged between $200 and $300 for the first hour. Rates have nothing to do with quality. Rates have to do with packaging of their skills and looks and not the ladies actual skills or looks.

Great and poor providers can be found at any price rang. I just have bad luck with the high priced ones. I am sure some are as good as what can be had at $200, I just have not been with one and I gave up looking. After all I can get everything I am looking for for much less the top costed ladies charge. Hell many $250 ladies I know only see one guy a day. Price = packaging nothing more.

who are simply hot and flaky, but swallow. Big whoop. For the most part, higher priced equals more perks, but NOT a better sexual experience. If all you are looking for is a nut, you can get it from a streetwalker for less than a bill. See my explanation in the first post about perks. We are not merely talking about "only sex" when we start discussing rates, and a really high end lady should weigh in on this.

All I know is if I were at half my rate, no way in hell I could afford to provide the incalls and driver service I do at home, nor would I be happy serving up msog with each date. It would be a Holiday Inn and one pop unless I wanted to see three guys a day, which I don't.

For "my" bills each month, I have to make x amount of money and want to do that by seeing x amount of men. The more guys I see, the less I like doing it which is why I work the way I do. The only time a low price affects service or hygiene is when that person is basically strapped for cash and they "have to" see tons of guys to pay the bills.

Any other instance can happen to anyone, but don't kid yourself. There are nowhere near as many guys willing to spend a grand as there are willing to spend 200-400...that's why the national average is and always has been around 300.  It is ludicrous to even suggest a girl at a grand an hour is seeing a ton of people, because that is very rare...again, the exception not the rule. Everyone knows one or two girls that are high end and still high volume, but look at her yearly volume not the one week she hit it big because a convention was in town.  I know girls in NYC having trouble getting even 600 an hour right now, and that's Manhattan where it is insane to live for less than 12k a month.

A girl charging over 300 in New Orleans is not making crap, and I can prove it. Every girl who has rates the same as mine here either has a sugar daddy, another income, she travels, or a combination of all of the above. You simply can't pull in higher rates here so you have no choice to be low volume...that is where guys make the correlation between volume and rates. It is in cases where the market is much lower than the girl's rate.

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Its the individual behind the price. Period.

If you get a uneasy feeling about a provider regardless of her price, just walk away. It won't end well and you will most likely be disappointed.

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