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Re: IMHO, the other girls should not be there. Unless this is a . . .
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massage parlor set-up where the guy picks from a small group of ladies, you should be the only provider present.

A few days ago, this review was put on my profile. This incident occurred weeks ago, and I remember it clearly. I stepped out of the shower quickly, put on moisturizer and opened the door. I greeted him and noticed the incall had gotten hot while I was in the shower. I immediately turned on the AC and asked him if he wanted water to cool down while it turned on(which it does quickly)I led him into the room quickly, because there were other girls there which happens sometimes. I then asked if he wanted to shower he began to walk towards bathroom then turned around and said "I'm gonna pass". I was super confused, but said "okay?" and let him out. I didn't get a chance to disrobe or perform. The pictures that he says are inaccurate showcase my body which he never saw. I know some agencies and independents use other photos or overly photoshopped images, but my agency photos aren't.He also put in the review he was already annoyed or upset. He is ranting and it is obvious saying other reviewers have poor eye sight. Really? That many? I also noticed someone reported a problem with my profile prior to me doing so. Is he trying to change the accuracy of my photos to inaccurate? Why? I messaged ter, but haven't received a response yet. I know this is apart of the business, but if there is anything I can do please someone let me know. I work hard to make sure everyone enjoys their experience, I tried my best to accommodate. I feel I don't deserve this at all.

Now, as to what she should do is contact TER with her side and bury the review with good ones. But I too would have walked, two other girls there, plus the room was hot? No thanks. I don't like being all hot and sweaty before I get all hot and sweaty. Plus the other girl presence tells me I will likely be rushed out before my time is up. I avoid agencies for this very reason. This is all from her post.

I never rush or watch clock. I often go waaaaaay over. I do this cuz I love the experience also I brought attention to the fact the room was hot and immediately turned it on. I just got out shower. Again, how is this relative to the performance that never occurred. Define performance. That's atmosphere not performance right?

I am a big man and get hot easily. When I am hot I do not want sex, period. Add in the other ladies, I would not have stayed. He if any one but you answered I would have left. But in that case I would not have reviewed unless it is plain the photo was fake. As for the picture thing or his review, I can not comment, I have not seen you or your photos but if you are using false advertising a review score of 1,2,3 is more than fair. Performance is the is the rating of the whole experience. It is plain from your own post he was not happy.

We are at the reviewers mercy.  They can write anything about us they want. It does not have to be true.  Last year my bf had a really mean review written about her.  The guy wrote all kinds of untrue things about her looks. (She is beautiful inside and out).  She contacted TER admin and all they would say is "well that is his opinion". I understand one man's 9 is anothers man's 6 but we are stuck.  In my bf's case what he wrote was a lie and mean spirted and he is free to do that. As for your case I would guess what you would hear is "well it is his opinion that your pics are inaccurate and that is his opinion"  While the vast majority of guys here are nice gentlemen, there are a few who are not so nice.  Sorry you met one of the bad apples.

If performance is relative to overall experience why do you also have to describe atmosphere and why is one option she just laid there? Some of you guys go Rambo on providers. Agency and hobbyist had an issue he kept his money. They will continue to make there's and I'm the loser here. But like I said I learned as long as I'm with agency I'm answering the door bare. And hiding girls. Thank you everyone for input.

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Here's a novel idea. Don't have other providers in plain sight when a hobbyist walks in. That is very unprofessional. I would have turned around and left too.
Quit bitchin and correct your problems.

I'm sorry I didn't know I am an agency girl as far as that goes most clients like to see other agency girls if they may want to see them sometimes. If I would have known I would've asked them to hide. I turned on ac  before he realized it was hot.but he didn't wait long enough for it to cut on I was in shower and had no idea. If he didn't experience a performance or my body how is the photo a misrepresentation of me and how is that a valid account of performance. Explain.

But a reviewer has to write about what he saw (and felt).

An agency that puts a bunch of gals in a small apartment, as was the case here, is not doing anyone any favors.  You ought to go shop for a better agency.

The reviewer does say that he did not see your body, so give him some credit for that.  I'm a bit curious how he missed that since you said you just came out of the shower.  (Shouldn't you have been out before the appointment time?)

All in all, this is what happens when gals and their agencies get lacksadaisical about these things.  It freaks out some clients, and they will split on you.

You seem like a very sincere provider.  I hope you use this as a learning situation.

I definitely will learn from this. I wrapped myself in a silk robe coming out. I take a lot of showers and try to do as close to appointment as possible. It relaxes me and it doesn't hurt that I smell pleasant too lol. But I'll keep this in mind. I tried to do what I could. So for future circumstances I'm taking note hide girls? And don't read anymore reviews cuz I'm sensitive but I can't please everybody. And make sure I always answer door naked so this is no doubt. :)

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That's good to hear.
Just remember not to hide the other girls in the closet. Sometimes they giggle.

massage parlor set-up where the guy picks from a small group of ladies, you should be the only provider present.

I would never agree to a GFE appointment with others in the appt.  It's just not comfortable.   I want my privacy while doing private things.  I've seen reviews of girls traveling together...  where one will "hide" in the bathroom.  #1)  We might need to use the Bathroom too  #2)  lack of privacy.    I've contemplated this event & would offer the gf some pocketcash to go get herself a coffee & come back in an hour...  if I really wanted to stay.

Why was the place too hot?  Why didn't the other girls present turn it down?   What's wrong with the thermostat?  

The meeting started off on the wrong foot...   He may be wrong about the photos, but by then he was already bummed out...    

I think you have confirmed enough of why the meeting soured.   I would suggest changing the situation before other clients walk.

TER should remove the review and remove the numbers from the numerical averages

TER should give the reviewer his 15 day credit for posting.  To not do so would discourage future ratings.

Just MHO

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Remove the review? Why, so only provider's good reviews show up. That defeats the purpose of reviewing in the first place.
That is beyond white knighting.

I don't believe anyone should remove an accurate review. But if he can post a review on a session that never occurred and performance that never happened does this mean anyone can post review of provider they've seen in passing because they are upset with agency practices blame a provider. I don't care about bad reviews if they are accurate I've had my fair share. But my photos are uber accurate except I don't have a blurred face in real life.

Posted By: Big-Bad-John
Remove the review? Why, so only provider's good reviews show up. That defeats the purpose of reviewing in the first place.
That is beyond white knighting.  

But if she did not get paid, does that still constitute a meeting?

How else can we weed out the bait and switches? When a lady wastes are time being a con and uses fake photos, why should we pay her? (I am not saying that is what happened here, I do not know. I never seen her or her pics.) But at the same time should we not be allowed to report the scam on the very site that is supposed protect us from such things? The answer is clear no we should not pay the cons a dime and yes we should be able to review them. It is clear TER agrees as the review got posted.

Think of it this way say a client sorted you in your payment but he never had you undress, Shouldn't you be able to put that on an provider only blacklist? After all he failed to pay for his full time he used? Of course you should be able to, as even without requiring sex he robbed you of your time. Same thing just different side of the coin. Both are clear cons that need reporting.

The problem is I'm not a bait and switch. That is why only [score removed by admin] is beneath his review. This is why I have a problem. I feel his issue is with agency protocol or practices prior to arriving. And yes other girls being there doesn't help. If you book any busy agency normally girls are there. If you don't see them they are hiding. My bad review won't hurt agency. And he kept his money. I'm the loser here. Agency will make that money and more everyday and continue business as usual. So why try to say I'm ugly and have a bad performance and say my photos aren't me. that's going beyond the accuracy of a review to just being bitter. Also this review is for something that happened weeks weeks ago. If it was that bad why not post such a horrible experience immediately. He harbored on it. I have reviews beneath that for encounters that occurred after.

Fake reviews happen in every business, and in this business it is even more personal. The only thing most business can do with a bad review is bury it with good ones. That is what you should do, that is the only thing you can do other than get an agency that doesn't stack its girls into one incall, or go independent. Now learn from this one and prove it wrong with some more stunning ones.

Blame the agency. That's what I would do.

The agency should be blamed, not the provider, but the guy is at fault too. He booked with an agency and should realize that many times there are other providers at an incall. It is common for an agency to have other providers there and some guys love to meet the other ladies and some want privacy. I do agree the other ladies should go for coffee or a drink or dinner or walk or something depending upon the time of the appointment, but that is not too common. Plus, it then increases the traffic in and out of the incall. The hobbyist should simply request the session be private if he knows there are other ladies involved. I hate to work alone and I have worked with Bella for many years as I have gone in and out of the biz, but I usually make sure that my guest feels like his privacy is respected. Bella will hide 95% of the time, or I will do the same for her, but sometimes ya need to go to the kitchen or whatever. On the rare occasion that my guests meet or see (if they already know her) are pleased to see her. I know for us it is only one other provider vs. a few, but I think seeing other providers should be expected, but hiding in the bathroom is unacceptable because most guests use the bathroom. As for the place getting hot... it happens. She quickly fixed it. If the other ladies were not hot enough to turn the AC on for their own comfort then it must not have been too out of hand. I think he was being a jerk, but even a jerk has a right to write a review if it is accurate. I do think this should be a learning lesson too. On the other side, I have heard of guys that are well known for writing reviews being total jerks and going over double their time and demanding extras for free and pulling all sorts of stunts and as providers we are scared of a bad review so we are forced let them take advantage of us and that is not fair either. There are always two sides to everything!

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like that up. So, your room was very hot and uncomfortable. Maybe you should consider that next time. No one wants to feel like they are in the desert for an incall. Also, having other ladies around is distracting and unprofessional. Maybe you should consider that too. He paid for your time, not their time.

I would not worry too much.  I read that review and looked at the others.  I have never met you but a couple things come across when reading it:

--His review is clearly an outlier.  You have a string of excellent reviews, this one will be seen as the "error" mor often than not.  A pattern of bad reviews will hurt your business, but one bad among many good ones sould rarely be a problem.

--This is especially true looking at the "appearance" score:  a lot of guys say you look like your photos and say you are quite pretty, then one day you wake up and are no better than average and no longer look like your photos?  Which one do YOU think is more believable?

--To me, he came across as angry fro the start and it would be difficult for anyone to be acceptable to him that night.

Having said that, I would suggest you take a few of the comments on here to heart, especially the "other ladies in the area".  A lot of guys might find that nice, but many also would like it to ba a completely 1-on-1 encounter.  I wouldn't worry about the shower part as much--you can't keep every guy happy, but many like a lady fresh out of the shower (and if you already know him, he might appriciate an offer to join you in the shower).

My humble opinion is since this is the exception to many outstanding reviews, it won't hurt you. It's clear the guy got spooked by the circumstances and didn't actually receive poor service so you have that to fall back on.

Hope things are better for you in the future. ;-)

Since the agency didn't give good instructions on having everyone out of sight when clients enter you can now take it upon yourself to take care of that. The agency should have guidelines about things. The ones I'm aware of do. I don't mind having other ladies about. I like to meet them but you can never assume a thing like that. Wait 'til you know him and know he won't mind. We are always talking about discretion on here. Having the ladies "hide" is discrete.

Don't know if he cared how you were dressed when you let him in but I advise being dressed when opening the door. Again discretion is the point. You never know who may see you at that moment. Even if you do the hide behind the door thing you can never tell when "stuff" might happen.

The A/C, well what can you do? You turned it on. In my opinion that's on him. I don't think he would have cared or said anything if all the other things had been to his liking.

Same with the photos he was going to bitch so he bitched about everything he could. Yet he mentions he didn't "see" you. Discerning gents will see the "Huh" factor in that. His review is the outlier. Keep getting good reviews like the ones you already have and it will be clear you are a good provider and this was the occasional uh oh and readers will not give credence to what he says. Especially so when they see you and do their own comparison to the photos.

You can do what you have indicated you would do and that is learn from this and make the changes that are indicated.

You might write some guidelines for the agency to share with all the providers on procedures when in an in call location. Keeping in mind how important privacy and discretion are.

I am sorry that you got a low score.  The agency IS the problem, and the possiblity of others being present was an unwelcome surprise.  As the others have said, I don't think a single bad review, especially as his stated issues were not with an event that didn't happen!  Some ladies get offended if their reviews are not all 9s or 10s.  You can't please them all.  Bad chemistry or a misunderstanding will happen from time to time.  To me the fact that you have a "bad" review...  from a guy that chose to leave...  only validates your other good reviews.  You can only change what you can change.  

I don't know how cramped the location is.  If I was expecting that I might be greeted by someone other than my chosen gal, I'd be fine with it.  Just don't surprise me!  

Privacy.  I don't want others hanging around outside my door.  If it was a large house...  and we went to a rear bedroom away from the others, that would probably be fine.  

A silk robe sounds sexy.  Nothing wrong with that.  Freshly showered is to be commended.  

I don't think the new review harms you much.  You should be prepared to answer potential clients who see it...   more than anything, it was that the circumstances were not what he expected...  made him uncomfortable & he chose to leave.   If I went to an AMP...  I'd expect others to be in the building...  

review if I were looking to see you.

In all of life, sometimes we make mistakes. Just don't repeat the mistakes made in this situation.

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