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Review of Vicky, Gia or Savannah
Jeremy 2105 reads

This provider posts on different advertisement pages with these names.  She is not a total ripoff, but she does deceive.  She asks for $$$$$, but tries to get more money from you once she arrives.   There are better choices in Vegas to choose from.

I didn't know she was advertising again.  She was off for awhile.  I've seen and reviewed her.  She is only one point from a rip-off.  Gentlemen, stay away.  She's not nearly as attractive as her pictures (close to scary)and she wants everything done in 5 minutes.  See my post from last year.  I'd rather take a chance on an unreviewed girl than call her again.

I had a session with her when she used the name Savannah about a year ago.  She does like to rush, and does try to ask for more money.  For the price she charges $$$$$, you are better off arranging a 2 hour session with an independent.

Vegas Moderator2102 reads

Hello Mrw,Thanks for the info on Vicky.  I have the firm belief that any review, even if bad, helps other hobbyists in making an educated decision as to what provider to choose from.  In terms of your posts, in order to see your posts go up immediately, you must register your name.. If your name is not registered, your posts go directly to me for review, which can take some time to go up on the Board. It basically goes up when I have time to look at it, sorry :( Once your name is registered, your first post will go directly to me once again. But once I review it and this post goes on the board, your posts will forever go up immediately without review. Thanks, and I hope to see your posts again soon. -Vegas Moderator

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