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Re: G2 - That would be great, but is that what you're getting?
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Can you please suggets some book titles? Thanks

Has anyone been to a tantra provider?  If so does one learn about how to do tantra sex or is it mystical bullshit?  Any recommendations are welcome.--Modified on Mon, Mar 12, 2001, 10:31:53

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There is no sex - the first thing that any goddness will make sure that you understand.  I also doubt if she will invest in more than a few hours of "training".The atmosphere is usually excellent, but beware of the ingredience in the burning candles.  I think the first session is supposed to be a full body sensual massage.  But the fact is a so-so massage, a little Russian, lots of fingering on you.  The finale is a prolonged hand job.  All the while, she is talking you through what she is doing, like a doctor.I also found out that it takes at least a few sessions in order that I can give her a bath and touch her body the way I like it.  But YMMV.

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I've never had a session with one ot the "goddess" providers so I can't comment on what service they give.  But I dated a sex therapist for many years that taught me some of the Tantra techniques but w/o the spiritual (B.S.?) side of it .  The techniques for ejaculatory control and male multiple orgasms are for real and should be in every enthusiasts bag of tricks.  They really can let you go as long as you like and allow you to have many orgasms.  Since you are taught how to orgasm w/o ejaculating you can keep repeating this cycle for as long as you both want.  There are books on these techniques if you don't want to go the Tantra route.   Tantra has some good concepts, but most hobbiest aren't interested in chakras and mysticism just to learn how to be better in bed.  Based on the above post it sounds like this goddess thing is just good marketing rather good sex.

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The hand job is supposed to achieve the multiple orgasm you talked about.  But a hand job is not the way I want to learn about it.

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Buy the book, do the exercises to develop your PC muscle (it takes about a month) and surprise your favorite  provider with your newfound prowess.  Let the princess, I mean goddess, give someone else a $300 hj.

Um, OK. I guess I could buy the book, or I could have an attractive and skilled professional take me through it "by hand". Yes, it's more expensive, but probably worth it. If it's just a HJ you are looking for, you can do better for less.As far as the spiritual aspects go, this is a personal choice, but I'm quite happy to hear about a point of view that says sex is a positive and important way to worship your partner and your God, rather than the repressive bullshit most of us grew up on.Or maybe its just me :-).

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Im a full service provider and I know a location in Santa Monica that have beutiful girls and will satisfy you in a way you wont belive.email me and I will give you there number and you can talk to them durectly and I have done it before the guys love it.

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I am interested in Tantra.  I have visited many local providers that have tought me the basics but I am interested in a more practical or intermediate step in the training.  Please let me know the details.stevenb@BestoftheWeb.com

Please e-mail me at raven2k12@eudoramail.com for the info on the place in SM.  I am interested.Thanks

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Sweetlatina- I'd like to take you up on your offer regarding the Tantra place in Santa Monica.  Please e-mail me at lopro33@yahoo.com  THX

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I have no argument with the premise.  In fact my sex therapist friend (author of six books) and I were writing a book (before we split) on using many of the Tantra principles to deepen the bond (sexual and otherwise) between a man and a woman using "sacred sexuality" as some call it. But is that what you're getting in one of these sessions, or is it just a good marketing differentiation plan on the part of a provider trying to stand out from the crowd.  I know from my previous work you're not going to achieve "sacred sexuality" in a provider session so who is kidding whom?  If you want to understand deep sexual bonding you need a like minded s.o., not a provider.  My previous post was based on the assumption that most hobbiest's expectations were different, and that made the "Tantra Goddess" an expensive way to go for what they wanted to get from a session.  If you're serious, I'd still say start reading some books and get a girlfriend who is also willing to explore some new areas of intimacy.  Regards, G2.

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I'd be happy to if you give me a few days.  I'm a little out of touch with the current crop of books because our project ended in 1996, but there are some authors I can recommend.  I'll PM with their names later.  In the mean time, you'd be surprised how many titles are available at the major bookstores if you want to browse.  Sometimes they can be found in the Self-Help section, other stores place them in Psychiatry or related.

Thanks, I have seen many at the bookstore but I just would like to get one, a good one.

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"Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving" by Charles and Caroline Muir $18.95 available from the Temple of the Goddess (and I imagine other places -- although I haven't checked Amazon or other on-line bookstores). See link below.  The book isn't real easy to find on the Temple, but it is there.  They have a number of other books also.  Most I haven't heard of.  Some that I have heard of are supposed to be quite good.  I think the Temple of the Goddess is a good place to look for Tantra related information.Incidentally, Faye Desiree said she did her Tantric training with the Muirs.  I believe that she thinks guite highly of them.  Faye is the only full-service provider that I know of who has seriously studied Tantra.Related link:  http://www.goddesstemple.com--Modified on Wed, Mar 14, 2001, 12:26:37

Check this book out. It covers much of the ground that Tantra covers, without the need of a partner (at first). You can practice on your own. I'd done a few tantra sessions, but never got as close to an "internal" O as I had after reading this book. I don't have the author's name in front of me, but search the title on amazon and it will come up.

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Try these two as well:1. The Art of Sexual Ecstasy (The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers)  by Margo AnandTarcher PutnamThis is a nice Tantra based book but for westerners, as the title says.  Annand is a very loving, humanistic author that treats these subjects in a manner that's a little easier for us to relate to.  A nice book for men and women, one you can refer to for years.2.  How to Make Love All Night (and Drive a Woman Wild)Male Multiple Orgasm and Other Secrets for Prolonged Lovemaking) by Barbara KeeslingHarper-CollinsAn easy read, this book is more technique oriented.  It teaches the technique of ejaculatory control and how to separate orgasm from ejaculation (the key to male multiples).  It has easy exercises that can be practiced alone (actually a good way to perfect the technique).Good luck, and as I said before, Knowledge is Pleasure.Regards, G2 --Modified on Thu, Mar 15, 2001, 14:35:34

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Wow a book?You would rather read then explore with a beutiful blond.She is certified in this area.Her name is Tara and just tell her corina the sweetlatina sent you and she will make you feel things that you have never felt before.Email me and I will give you her number but Im not going to post it all over the ter.

I tried using the Personal Mail here, but it didn't work.

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