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I am just saying it's ludicrous to come to a hooker board
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and act surprised when it's about money. That's about as stupid as us getting pissed that you leave after getting a nut. Now, any more discussion of such in depth topics, and my therapy fee will be more than my hooker fee lol.

I don't feel the same
motivation I felt last
year!!!   I'm not all over
BP every day anymore.

Even when ladies are
offering specials, I can
pass them by and not
care what I might be

Anyone ever experience it?

having lobster tail for dinner. I want to savor every bite of it, so I always pace myself accordingly. It doesn't bother me even if I don't hobby for 3-4 months straight. If the right kind of girl is not available, I wouldn't hobby. I would rather wait it out. Certainly, ain't going to BP to look for companionship. Prevents a burnout for sure, and I also have better success rate than most of the BP patrons.

lead to burnout. If you are seeking something here other than sex, it's not going to be found more times than not. You can't "buy" true intimacy and those who say you can are delusional. This is why I think women can't have the same success with male escorts when they are having trouble in their relationships...it's not the sex, it's the REAL emotions most of us seek out. That can't be bought or sold.

If you are merely just burnt out on the routine of the hobby, I might suggest one of those all inclusive weekends out of the country. They give you a villa, a few gals at your beck and call, and all the food and drinks you could want for one lump sum. Might be just what you need, or you might also be craving something in the civie world. Who knows, but if you're asking the question, my guess is something is missing. You have to have a really good outlook about this business and know what it represents, to be able to work in it and also enjoy it.

I think many people forget that guys can sometimes be sensitive and romantic too, but they can ha ha. Sometimes it is more than sex or faux companionship that you're searching for, and it's rarely found here.

What do you call marriage? Oh sorry, I got confused again!!!! LOL

But I do like that faux companionship idea... can you explain that for me?

You can't buy LOVE, but certainly can buy intimacy. But LOVE is a fleeting emotion anyway. Its here today, gone tomorrow. People fall in and out of love all the time...

genuine intimacy. Bottom line is if you're paying for it, it's NOT FREAKING REAL! This should not have to be explained, but I digress. If I would never date a guy I met in the hobby for FREE, then what I am selling is an illusion. You can share "moments" that may appear to be what you think is intimacy, but gimme a break. Genuine intimacy is not bought...period!

I'm pretty sure we were just picking on you... I know I was :) I'm jaded about marriage, which is why I was poking fun!

Many people confuse sex with intimacy. You know, we touch body parts...that's intimate right??? Lots of civies confuse this too. Without emotion, all ladies would be an assembly line of sex workers...some guys like this, I'm not one of them :)

To me, that connection is partially defined within the passion of the kiss and the embraces before and after... yes, it is all paid for, but some women are just better at delivering the line... maybe because they choose to, maybe because they can, maybe because they feel it too, maybe because it is the only way for them to be in the role they are in... Not for me to figure why, just to find the ones who do and enjoy the experiences that cum...

So many wonderful ladies to love on and enjoy...still I prefer a favorite or two because those will always be the most passionate ones for me... Which, if this occurs, getting back to the original question from the thread will keep me from getting burned out :D

real it has to be shared by both parties...I will just stop there lol. If it's only given because there is an envelope, it's not mutual on both ends. Now, I am not saying at times I have not felt more than I probably should have, but I would never fall for a married man period, end of story. A hot, single guy I met this way...a bit harder.

There are exceptions.

Occasionally, people can feel true intimacy in spite of the P4P arrangement.

Yes, its often one sided.  In all of the time that I've been a provider, I can only recall one client who I've felt truly intimate with.  ;)

Anyway, I think a lot of guys hobby for that feeling of intimacy but they know that its a fantasy.  They don't actually want to fall in love with or marry the girl.  I don't think that they even require or care that the feeling is mutual...

As long as he feels like the session was intimate (as opposed to mechanical), and has that feeling of infatuation that we all enjoy, thats all that matters.

why not, you going to not take his money when you get married???? Shit, I want one of those wives PLEASE!!!! LMAO!!!!!

Where would he leave it then? So, you are willing to be intimate if say it is left on the counter in the bathroom? Deposited into your account? He just allows you to thumb through his wallet and let you take out what you want??? ok...I'm laughing MUAH Ms. London...

On a side note, my cost analysis of sex in marriage and sex in hobby.... I am way ahead $$ wise in the hobby than I ever was in marriage... I think I calculated my marriage cost me about $10 K a BBBJ No CIM EVER, and about $5K per FS, yes without condom... oh, you don't even want to know what the trip to Greece cost me...yikes that hurt!

are jaded about it. I don't marry a guy for his money...end of story. He could be a mail man and it would not bother me because I would truly love him in order to marry him to begin with. This is NOT about that. It's an exchange of money for sex where usually both parties know exactly what to expect, and where to draw the line. If your wife did not do those things for you, I am sorry but that's now how I am with a man I love.

Why would you even assume that I would ever depend on a husband to support me when it's obvious being a hooker allows me to support myself, got me through school, and raise a child for the last 4 years on my own? I did not even sue for child support and you bet your azz I could have.

I simply prefer to deal with the men in this business who are mature enough to be able to read between the lines, and don't need to constantly have their azz kissed and egos stroked with lies..tis all. This may come as a shock but MANY men here pay to play, and that's it. They don't get all caught up in the bs that is supposed to be reserved for a damn relationship. It's really not all that complicated of an arrangement, until someone makes it that way. Go in, pay, get what you want from who you want, and leave with a smile. Not your COT? Next..simple.

LOL, love it. and no that WASN'T my view of marriage until the divorce and EVERYTHING she did to get all the $$$$ she could...

Just decided to compare after the fact...

be about money. On the contrary, the rates page should let you know this is about freaking money to begin with, so you can't really get mad at a hooker who does her job and what...takes your damn money lol! We are not lying or leading anyone on here for Pete's sake, so it baffles me every time a guy still uses the old phrase "It's all about the money."

So it's ok for a guy to use a woman for sex and lead her on to get it, but not ok when one wises up and puts a tag on it? Ha ha...ok. If it's ok to use us purely to get off, then it's certainly ok for us to get something out of it other than just a damn nut. I can do that on my own and don't have to apply make up.  A nut is more important to some than it is others, and a nut does buy me a new house or pay off student loans...IJS.

I'm here instead of leading women along in civie world. Since I do not want a relationship in the real world, I am here in hobbyworld... I agree that playas are no different than the ones you noted above. Its all hypocritical on BOTH ends... Women marry for money and when they get divorced they WANT their POUND of flesh and more than half the money...

And we wonder why there is no trust left...Women have ALL the pussy and half the money! Why do they have to have the other half too???

and act surprised when it's about money. That's about as stupid as us getting pissed that you leave after getting a nut. Now, any more discussion of such in depth topics, and my therapy fee will be more than my hooker fee lol.

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and act surprised when it's about money. That's about as stupid as us getting pissed that you leave after getting a nut. Now, any more discussion of such in depth topics, and my therapy fee will be more than my hooker fee lol.

Don't start talking therapy rates... MUAH Love ya Ms.Rayne

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Not all women marry for money!  Why do I seem to always date the poor ones?

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Intimacy doesn't have to mean falling in love. It could mean finding a connection or commonality.

money to start with would I? The money is what gets me/you/us in the door...what happens after that point is irrelevant because had it not been for the rate, I am quite sure we would not stay for free. So again, if you have to pay a girl just to show up, I could never call that intimacy...especially if the guy is married. It's actually the same for me without the money when I know "upfront" a guy is only wanting sex...that's far from the kind of intimacy I want, but others may not be so picky.

As is love; "Intimacy" is NOT purchasable.

I've shared my genitals with many women; but only a few have I been truly intimate with.  

 SEX is instinctual for procreation, legally needed for consummation of a Marriage, and a GREAT all around sport. But on a whole it is rather superficial.

someone I am in love with, so what I do here is sell sex and companionship. Not the same thing.

and cuddle without the sex, then you might have a point. Show of hands in on here that have paid for just that in the hobby with no sex, and got a refund because she really liked you? If that happened, then that was true intimacy my friend..

I'm looking for something
other than just plain sex.

Last year when I was checking
out MPs to see, it was always
in the hopes of forming some
type of relationship outside
the parlor.

And it never happened.

I generally do once a week, and at that pace, I'm always up for it.

But sometimes I end up with a two-fer week, and I must confess that does tend to diminish the returns a bit.

what's the old saying, if it flies, floats or fucks, rent don't buy.

Every other week and when money allows...

I am nowhere close to burnout.  I like getting laid and sucked just as much now as I did when I started out.  I actually hobby more now than I did at first since I have more disposable income.  I see someone on the average about once every 2 weeks, or 2 maybe 3 times a month.  I see my local fave once a month and enjoy her just as much as ever.  My other date will either be someone new, or someone else I have seen.  I have another in-state fave that visits Tampa every so often, and I will see her if I don't already have a date set up the week she is here.

I have no intention of slowing down.  I still look at ads daily, scouting for someone new.  That's why my to-do list isn't shrinking.  One may fall off the list, but is usually replaced by one or two new ones.  I do have a long list of favorites on TER, but I have already seen many of them, and may see them again.  I will say that many of the ones I have seen, I will probably not see again, for a variety of reasons which I won't go into here.


If every saucer eyed newbie monger didn't slow down and re-evaluate after the first six months to a year there would be such a trade of wealth it would significantly register on and effect national monetary reports and trends.

 You've had hobbies since you were a kid. Some you still love, some you've outgrown,  and some you "meter" for many and varied reasons.

I've definitely experienced burnout. I'm not as into the hobby as I used to be. I had the urge when I started out to get laid by girls who typically I wouldn't get in my civvie life, and also because I'm married and was seeking a little variety. What I mean by girls in my civvie life is that I am a good-looking guy in his 30's, but I tend to attract urban, educated, demure women and not the sexy bombshell type, which was the type I would pass on the street and wish so badly that I could get it on with.

So I got to bang a few of them in the hobby and, you know, the thrill comes and goes. You realize that sex is sex, and that without intimacy and a connection, it really is not much different than sticking it in a hole, as crude as that may sound. It can seem very mechanical and unnatural when the provider leads you through the motions of sucking and fucking where it is different than when you date or marry someone in civvie life. Where it's not just about sucking and fucking, where there is a connection and they want to be with you. There are some great providers, but most providers you can tell are putting on an act or would rather not be with you, if you are really sensitive to them, and that is certainly not a fun position to be in for me.

Sex is sex ..... In fact, I am even bored of porn now because it's much the same - just S&F. I think over time I've learned that chemistry and emotions are really what count.

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I have chemistry and emotions with most of my clients.  It doesn't have to be love.  It involves caring about others and enjoying your job!

i will give up hobbying when one of two things happen..i run out of money..or my dick falls off..good pussy will never burn you out.,

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