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Calling providers . . . . Help?
Iggy_d 2581 reads

I know that most providers don't like calls, no less first time calls, from cell phones. Easy LE snag. Some people don't accept calls from "blocked" phones. The phone I call from has a block on it. No, it can't be removed the conventional ways. It's the building I'm in.I tried calling a provider on my cell phone(with a brief explanation), but she hung up on me.Is there something else I can use/do?I would like to try this provider because of her good reviews.Iggy_d

Try a provider with an e-mail.  Most of the web girls have one and that is a great way to go.  Other than that, you should go find a phone that is not blocked and try that.  Keep trying until you make contact.  Some of the best providers are the hardest to get a hold of.rmplestilskin

hotlick2140 reads

Try to find a phone to use that is not blocked.  I have blocking on my home phone but I can punch in a code to turn it on and off.  A pay phone might work, the number goes through but it does read "pay phone" on most caller ID's.  At least you might get the opportunity to explain you situation.

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