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True, preparation is vital. It is never good to shop for things when you are desperate for them. EOMregular_smile
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She is only going get "no sexually orientated business license" because she failed to make the cops lives easy and rat herself out. I thought I would post on what to do if busted. I know of too many people that have done real damage to their lives by not knowing how to deal with the police and how to utilize their rights in a way that keeps them from making things worse.

First things first, an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Screening for clients and providers is essential. There is plenty of posts on that so I will be short on the subject. Ladies get and check references, or get real information like employment and check it. Guys see well reviewed ladies. VIP is cheaper than one bad experience. It is a whole lot cheaper than getting busted. Screening will greatly reduce the odds of being busted. If my favorite would have screened she would not be facing any charges right now.

Next should screening that fail you need to be prepared. It is good to be prepared even if you are not doing anything illegal, but it is vital if you are. Have some money set aside so you can make bail and pay the lawyer if needed. Do you research and find a lawyer and bail bondsmen and have their number on you or better yet memorize them. You do not want to do this research in a time of desperation. Know your rights. They are your only protection in a police encounter. Do not learn them after you wave them. It is best to be prepared. They helped my favorite reduce the trouble she got herself in.

But what do you do when the time comes?

First and most important, STFU! You have the right to remain silent, use it. Nothing good can come from opening your mouth. Everything that could possible be used against you will be used against you in a court of law.

You are far more likely to talk your way into a jail cell then out of one. And do not believe the cops threats or promises to help. Cops can and do lie to get you to incriminate yourself. Cops can't make binding deals only the DA's office can do that. Just shut up. Even if something you say could help you come trial it would not be admissible as it is hearsay unless it harms your case.

Here is a two part video on why you should shut up:



Second remain calm, be polite, and show respect. Cops have a hard job that can be dangerous. If you are scared, run, panicked, or angry it could make the cops nervous or angry. This can lead to bad situations. Never run, touch a cop, or resist this will cause things to escalate. Don't lie top a cop, that too can make things real bad for you in a hurry.  Just politely execute your rights and things will go better for you.

Third, you do have the right to refuse searches. It is wise to do so. If they have a warrant or probable cause they will sill preform the search anyway but it is still wise to state your objections. It may stop the search or it may help you in court.

Fourth, It is a good idea to ask for a lawyer even if you are not yet under arrest. If you are arrested call that lawyer up as soon as possible. There is a reason you need to have that number handy, you do not want to deal with this alone. You will need help. They have most of the power in this situation.

Fifth, Find out if you are being detained. A simple way to do this is ask if you are free to go. If you are free to go, go. Nothing good can be gained by hanging with the cop if suspected of a crime

This four part video explains it better then I can on how to handle a police encounter better then I did:





I found this video useful as well:


I am not a lawyer. I am just posting this as I know of too many good people in this hobby that mishandled a police encounter and things didn't go well for them. Things are better for my friend because she shut up. If you get nothing more than this, STFU and screen. It can save you.

OK I am off my soap box, now how about a nice photo thread


Thanks for posting. It is best to play dumb in any instance with cops.. works well with those speeding tickets too.. Giggle

most major cities have criminal lawyers who handle cases related to escorting.  Do the necessary leg work in identifying who these lawyers are before you need them.

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