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Does anyone know?
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How smaller cites get their own board?

How does TER decide what city gets a board? I know there is a great need for some of the cities that fall under this category..

is there a petition we need to come u with..



My frustration exactly.  If you do not live in one of the chosen major cities, you have to search "other" and good luck with that.  If you are in a smaller city, you are basically resigned to Backpage and other lesser boards.  

Under other if everyone started there post with the city then viewer can search by city and get mostly posts for that city. For example go to other cites and click other, search, London, and 300 days.

There is no petition. You can post a suggestion on the S&P board. Don't hold your breath though. Some of the suggestions on that board become poliies or changes on the site, but only very few.

On the other hand, there are so many dead boards already, that I am not sure they are interested in giving any more small areas their own board. For example, check out the Kansas board. That is a whole state, and there are definitely hobbyists and providers there, but there are 7 threads on that board for this year and two of them are from admin. Other examples are Orange County, Seattle, and Portland. Even San Fransisco, though a big city and very big hobby wise, has a pretty dead TER board.

I am from Hawaii and I post on this "other cities" board, and I will be the first to admit, that hawaii does not warrant it's own TER board. It would be pretty dead.

Get people in your area to start posting here if you want your own board. Then point out how active your area is in posting on the S&P bard.

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Get people in your area to start posting here if you want your own board. Then point out how active your area is in posting on the S&P bard.
I would love to, but it seems like people like the small DRAMA boards in their areas better..sad

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I quit posting on my local non TER board after I friend got her real info posted. Too much crap there. But I can't get many of the locals to post here even if most have a membership for the reviews.

I wish Alabama had it's own board which London Rayne recently requested but I highly doubt it because Tennessee is pretty dead already.  I think they should revamp all the areas that are currently on Other Cities board to Regional areas.  

Like TN, AL, and a couple of other neighboring states could be combined into one regional board.  FL is fine on it's own and et cetera.  

The way the boards are arranged now is just no organization or rhyme or reason and that just drives me crazy!  LOL

I love the regional ideal fallon,, great ideal. that would make it at least better to find east vs. west etc...

Great suggestions!!

I replied to London's post on the Suggestion & Policy board and suggested this.  

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