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I like the Idaho and North Dakota numbers! EOM
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While I was talking with a friend about the hobby we was wondering how active LE really is in our state. I looked it up 411 in 2010, 17 minors.* With close to 3 million that isn't very many. But how many of the 3 million are involved in the hobby. That I do not know.


Any way I found this chart that give statistics of crimes by state. It is dated but I found it interesting. Here you are:


I guess Utah is not the hot bed I thought it was.

There are AMPs that operate within a couple blocks of the main police station.  Also, I talked to one provider (Nikki Sweet, and she really is, BTW) about the cops attitudes.  they generally only bother them when they're soliciting openly in tourist areas and even then take pains to warn them.  I've got a buddy that's currently a swat team member but used to be on a Cushman detail in Waikiki.  He always had good relations with the providers and would cut them a break.  (I think they cut him one also, though)

The statistics in scoed's links for Hawaii are pretty low. I also looked up some more recent stats, and there were just over 300 in 2009 and just over 200 in 2010. Pretty low compared to the population.

As TB said, the amps operate pretty openly, and the SWs in Waikiki are pretty blatant. For the most part, the cops look the other way. Every so often, you hear about a sting on BP, or with SWs, or an amp gets busted, but it's rare. It's usually during an election year or when a big convention is coming to town, (like apec, last year).

wow..va seems to be pretty consistant..

What a great link,, thanks for sharing that website!!

we're in-between md/va guess I can go with that.

How hard LE is imo depends on certain elections.  *shrugs*

PHX, SD, LA, and Palm Springs have been blessed with great weather.

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