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Another sting on Lakeshore....avoid ad pm sent....eom
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Greetings from Grace Milana
I’ll be touring Birmingham and Montgomery next week, it will be my first trip there, and I was wondering if anyone can give an idea on the best areas to stay Safety and business wise….
If you prefer please pm me.
Lots of Hugs
And thanking you in advance

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280 area south of 459 in Birmingham and Eastchase area east of Montgomery on  I85

stay in the Mountain Brook-Inverness area off Hwy 280.
For specific hotels email me.
Also, if you need any advice or help with that area feel free to contact me anytime, ever!
Ohh...let me know if you need to know where to advert at as well.
Eros I only 25 bucks (new to the Alabama market) and is working well for the area thu far.
I do advise you to avoid the Prattville area. In mtg, if you stay near the Mitylene exit then it's a very short drive for guy in the Prattville area I they take the toll road and you'll be fairly close to Auburn as well and can hit that market at the same time...advert for all those locations areas..
Stay fun and be safe.
PS: watch where you venture to in the Mtg arethermostat other parts of mtg are rough.!

Thanks very much, for your help, greatly appreciated!

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