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Greetings all.....I live in LA and am about to begin traveling fairly regularly to the DC area (actually Dulles area in N. Va).  I would appreciate it if anyone has a moment and could help educate me on the ins and outs of DC.  Namely, are agencies reputable? How bad are rip-offs among independents (and agencies for that matter)?  Any suggestions?  If you have specific recommendations it would be appreciated, although I can understand perfectly if you don't want to name names.  If you want to trade for LA info, I am happy to help.Thanks.

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This generic info is probably a little stale but it is probably close (btw I'm in LA too but I too travel to DC).  1) There are lots of good independents in the general DC area.  There is no reason that you HAVE to go though an agency.2) Expect the rates (outcall to your hotel) to be about the same (or even a little higher) as compared to LA, but there are always some bargins around. For example, a $300 lady in LA may run $300 to $350 in DC. But some exception do exist.3) In general, LE is most agressive in VA and most relaxed in MD. As a result many of the better providers work out of MD and many (most?) of the providers working out of VA are rip-offs.  Some girls will not go to VA, so it is better to stay in MD.  If you need a reason to stay in DC, the airfare to BWI is usually MUCH cheaper the flying into either Dulles or Regean (national).  DC is kind of between MD and VA.4) Lots of the famous high-profile providers do regular trips to DC.  It might cost a little more ($500+) but it is a chance to see a well known/respect lady that you might otherwise not have a chance to see otherwise.--modified by blue moon at Thu, Feb 15, 2001, 12:43:55

Thanks for the update.....unfortunately, I will be staying in Herndon, near Dulles.  But the info is definitely helpful.  Let me know if you ever want to trade any LA info - be glad to share.Thanks.

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Send me your email address (to: blumooon@hotmail.com) and we can continue these discussion in private.

I can give you the benefit of my experience traveling to the DC area.  After Hours DC is a reliable agency that will treat you right.  Check out www.afterhoursdc.com - mostly incall in nice apartments E. of the Capitol, but they will work out outcalls as well.  I have two favorites in Maryland:  Erika of Frederick (no advertising since she doesn't need to - email for info and a pic that doesn't do her justice to nitedreamzerika@aol.com); and Jessica of Gaithersburg (on Eros and her web site is www.theJspot.com - contact info is there).  There are many others.  TBD/DC is reliable and highly literate!  Good luck.

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