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Here you go fellas!!! The Tonka Tough Ultimate Pleasure Workout!!!

I can help transform your mind, body and soul to be at its peak pleasure performance level!!

We will:

1.  Target muscles for lean muscle development - finding those muscles you never knew you had. I will specifically train with your "muscle" that requires the most pleasurable attention.

2.  Work to increase your stamina and flexibilty in all the positions that I can possibly think of.

3.  Give you the best cardio workout that pushes your aerobic capacity to the max.....burning up to 1000 calories or more in a session.

4.  Perform long bursts of max-intensity exercises with short cool down periods designed to challenge you and at the same time give you the most pleasure known to man.

If you are ready for the Tonka Tough Ultimate Pleasure workout, contact me saying, "Yes I want to take the Tonka Tough Challenge!!"

You can earn your t-shirt and you ask, "How?"  Well, let's just say I will tell when you have earned it!! Wink!!

Don't delay....start your workout today!!!


I want my own t-shirt. But earning it will be the fun part.

You have earned your shirt darlin!! Wink!! You are now working on the workout sweatsuit!!! LOL!!

Damn my Tonka toys never looked that good!!!

Awww thank you my dear!! This Tonkatoy is one of a kind!! wink!

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