Re: Victoria porcheteeth_smile

took the plunge ,had a  good time , pics are real !! review coming

-- Modified on 2/14/2009 5:42:39 PM

The review may be in that "no earlier reviews" limbo that keeps so many TS providers unreviewed.

I saw her a while back, and agree that the pictures are real.  She's very beautiful in person, has almost a Tyra Banks look that's very appealing.

She was also very dominant, to the point of being domineering, which may be exactly what some people are looking for, but made my session less than I would have hoped.

There was also a touch of "Miami Goddess" about her -- breasts and love stick that were too sensitive to permit much attention.

This was about a year ago. I might be willing to give her another shot if she had a good recent review, but (unless you want to rim her unprotected - not my thing either) the "do as I say, look but don't touch much" attitude was slightly more of a negative than the physical beauty and well-endowed functionality was a positive for me.

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