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Hey All

Not long in LA and have the parties just not the girl that loves to go.

Wondering if anyone can recommend an american girl or at least someone with fluent english, caucasion,  intelligent and can hold a pretty good conversation to come party with me as i let of some steam from a stressful month at work. When I say party, I dont mean blow up balloons and pull crackers.....think more say hello to my lil fren!

Apart from that bit obviosuly, all v above board, looking for a partner in crime for the night not necessarily a partner in bed for the night.

Thanks in advance

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Who are the reason why some girls get hooked on drugs.


I am sorry you think that way, and I would certainly never advocate nor condone any sort of substance abuse, however it's unfortunate that with the industry I am in and the parties I attend, that shit is every where, and I would rather take a girl who had seen it before over introducing someone to it for the first time. Some sort of fuzzy logic I know, but anything that helps me get to sleep at night!!!

Posted By: ThighHighStockings
Who are the reason why some girls get hooked on drugs.

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I have ever heard on TER.
Hobbyists don't get hookers hooked on drugs. They make their own choices to be addicts and providing becomes the means to support their habits. It's not the other way around.

ThighHighStockings479 reads

It's late and I know you're getting tired here sniff a little of this it will keep you going for awhile.
It's ok ever used BP for a headache? So yes some hobbyists DO encourage  addiction. And then
providing becomes the trade off. You got half the idea right .

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The fault of addiction lies with the addicted. Stop grasping at straws.

ThighHighStockings461 reads

Why would you condone a drug filled atmosphere? His post sounds like a party with drugs everywhere. Why should a provider with a good score lower her standards and put herself in a dangerous situation? I don't think anyone has enough money to bail her ass out if there were a shakedown.

Circling-Buzzard480 reads

I don't do drugs and I don't see providers who are addicted or bat shit crazy.
You are sounding crazier by the minute.

ThighHighStockings518 reads

Ok maybe you did not say you are all for it but you have gone off track on the OP . You placed blame on the "hooker" as you put it and now are circling around a board flame because now I am cray. Its a fkin opinion and I gave mine.You sound like you need an anger management class . Stop trying to provoke something I don't want to have an argument with you .

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Of course you'll need to be a VIP member to read the juicy detals and they may not all be your type. However, the list  should keep you busy for awhile and remember you'll be screened by  these ladies so have your references readily available.

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VIP would  not help the OP. Since he is looking for someone to do coke with him, and drug discussions are not allowed in reviews.

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Circling-Buzzard435 reads

Don't mix drugs with the hobby. You are only inviting danger in more ways then one.

In addition, how do we know that you aren't LE?

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