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good places to advertiseregular_smile
charityssmile 1600 reads

I live in Chicago and im trying to find sites to advertise on any ideas?

Well, you could start right here on TER.

Since it appears this may be your first post, you might want to check out the Newbie Board to get started.

If you have a website, you can place the TER logo on the first page, then you will be able to place an ad every seven days on the Chicago Ad Board.

Once you get reviews, you can ask Admin to link them to your TER handle.

You might also ask this question on the Chicago Discussion board. There are alot of great ladies that can help you.


I google everything before asking, so if you search what you plan to advertise, like escorts in chicago a list of sites will pop up.

doesn't mean it's a good site! While it is good to search on google, by asking here I'm sure she was looking for advice from providers and hobbyists as to what sites actually work. :)

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