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Does anybody have info on this ts goddess ling who is visiting san diego?

UncleDirty5563 reads

Assuming you mean this one?  Found this link from her New York ad.

She used to live in Boston
Met her and chatted with her awhile out one night. She is nice looking, maybe not as nice as the glam photos, but nice, fem. I was ready to give her a try but I balked at the aggressive posture, and a scar wound on her shoulder/chest area. Wish I had taken the plunge then...

Sailil3967 reads

Just go for it man.  She looks great.  It's like you want somebody to talk you out of it.

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Sailil5206 reads

Sorry likelatin - didn't mean to be a big-shot there.

Not that i just would like to see some reviews on her and i couldnt find any. So i was just asking for a little help just in case someone has seen her.

michev3162 reads

have seen her in NY. Pretty hot looking tight body and a dom.  Gets hard and can cum. Good top. Only thing i didn't like is she wanted another guy to join me but i"m not into that. Also wanted to make me drink her piss...not for me

I have never sessioned with her, but I have met her. She isn't nearly as attractive in person as her pics and is much older than she indicates. She also has quite an accent, which may or may not be a plus. Hope this helps.

LATSDog3908 reads

For the most part, most Asians usually look ten plus years younger than they really are when they get into their mid 30's to 40's. I have no idea  how old she is, but did see her about three years ago. I was at the Power Exchange in San Francisco and she was walking around. Looked pretty good then.  Talked for a few min but that was it.

LATSDog2874 reads

Ling Lee on Eros who lives in Newport/Hungtington Beach.  Hot girl, cool.  El Dangeroso and I had a 2 on 1 about a year ago w/ her.

I know this is dated info, but she was my first TS...I went to her Apt in NYC a few years ago...She was super cool...Offered a second round but I was spooked and split...She was very hot!!

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