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Has anyone engaged in P4P with all four of the above?  The last two should be pretty hard to find.

I only participated in MILF .  It seems like there is some pheromone that is release by an MILF that drives me mad.

Okay I need to find out what TILF and GGILF are lol

TILF  -  is - Teen I Like to Fuck!

GGILF  - is - Great Grandma I Like to Fuck!

I am a MILF and a GILF and I am proud of it!!

Kisses Everyone!


I'm also a MILF and proud of it!!!

I've never heard of TILF, its kinda creepy.

Well I never heard of TILF either sounds weird to me

but I am a MILF here and PROUD OF IT..  

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TILF - if 18 - 19 yr olds count, done that

MILF - easy, when the lady had kids (26 - 29 yrs)

GILF - yeah, toned 45 yr old told me she has grand-kids. She advertised as a hardbody 40, but was actually 45 yrs old.

GGILF - great granny ... eh no! Have you? Now why would you do that? You're lookin at 70s here I suppose.

but I consider GGILF a misnomer, there may be a greatgrandmother "you" might want to fuck, but not me. I certainly hope that the last one would be extremely difficult to find.

Grandmothers aren't at all hard to find in the P4P world. Where have you been? there are several that are regular posters here.

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