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Paris' Fill'in Station...Pittsburgh 7/17-7/19
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Paris' fill'in Station offers professional sexual expertise, so you can rest assured that you receive phenomenal services you can depend on. Paris' Fill'in Station is "full service"... Paris operates the pump, performs routine maintenance, lubricates as needed, paying special attention to detail, all while maintaining competitive prices.

Paris' Fill'in Station is highly recommended. As you will find, I have extensive "hands on training" and excellent reviews in the servicing department. I specialize in ball joints and crankshafts, spending extra time on them to ensure proper functioning and durability. Come on over and let me tighten you up!

To ensure more "bang for the buck" and increased fuel efficiency, only premium fuel is used. Unfortunately, due to the higher number of drive-offs reported, clients must pay at the pump, with cash only, before fueling.

What sets Paris' Fill'in Station apart is the ability to provide my clients with quality services in a sensual, erotic and GFE (mixed with PSE) manner, leaving you satisfied and anxious to return again and again....

Paris' Fill'in Station..."come on empty and leave Refueled, Revived, Refreshed and ready for life's exhilarating drive forward"

See YOU at the Station,
Paris Bouvier

Pittsburgh Touring Schedule:
July 17th after 3pm
July 18th All Day
July 19th Until Check-out

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