Might just have to Hop right on over there!!!
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It's been a while since I've posted anything...

Here's a Happy Easter pic for everyone to enjoy even if you don't celebrate. I am running a pre-easter week special, for my soft bunnies to be cared for, just $250/hr at my place from 8am to 5pm until Friday, and as a reminder, I'm still offering my "Tina eats a carrot(*hint) and Bunnies work together to rub on a carrot" special of just $95 for the half hour. (Thursday only from 8am-5pm)

Hop you like it!

(E intentionally left off the word Hope above)

Looks like those bunnies might live next to the Palo Verde Plant; dare I ask fallout??? Great Pic!!!

I think I could spend petting your soft bunnies, but then I'd miss so much!!

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Where I left them.....
Ya gotta give em to me Tina.....Wink
Be assured that EasterFollowmeBunny will know how to handle them .(With TLC for sure)
Thank You

Hi cutie!

Why does the phrase 'splittin' hares' come to mind

Now, if they could only multiply the way real bunnies do - the Phoenix gentlemen would be in seventh heaven!  BTW - I still have my Titty Day Care Center open so you will have a place to leave them....  LOL

"Sick" maybe (as a result of my current cold) but they will never be bored (nor will I). Lots of things in mind for them: Water play; finger paints, oil massage and designs; indoor play/outdoor play, and dress up time among others. Hell, I even have some field trips planned for them so that they can get some fresh air and so that I may introduce them to some of my friends and/or get them "exposed" to the public a bit more. Who knows, someone might see them bouncing down the hallway at a local mall during one of our shopping trips or pressed up against the glass at a local aquarium.

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