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Not sure why my husband chose "Fuming" when he registered.....but anyway, a little about me.  My husband and I have been married for 15 years, live in the suburbs with children, are active in our church, and I'm a "stay at home Mom".  Noone who knows me in real life (other than my husband) would ever suspect I'd be posting on this board......and a year ago, I would have never believed it.

My husband and I took a weekend vacation to Vegas last year.  It was a turning point for our relationship.  I had not drank alcohol since college, and I drank some, we saw an erotic Vegas show, and then on a whim, I suggested we go to a strip we headed to husband didn't wait for me to change my mind.

I was very uncomfortable at first, having never been in an environment like that.   A little more alcohol, and I consented to a lap dance, and suddenly, another side of me woke up.  I started to REALLY enjoy it, and I ended up getting some INTENSE lap dances.  My husband described the whole weekend as surreal.  I am tall, thin, and considered quite attractive.  The men in the club REALLY enjoyed the lapdances I was getting right out there in the open, with major touching, and none of the management cared and even came over and observed several times.

So we go back home to the midwest.  And we decided that would be our secret Vegas life that "stays in Vegas", and plan to take a trip out there once or twice a year.  Except I have this new "bi-curious" side of me really interested in more.  My husband says it's time to drop the "bi-curious" label and accept "bi-sexual."   So a few months later, we schedule a trip to Detroit, where we have some high mileage private dances.  My husband turned down all the dances, told the girls all the dances were for me, and he just wanted to watch.  It was so fun....and then I have wanted to go again and again ever since.

So finally, we were brave enough to go to some clubs here in our local area....have not seen anyone we know...  WHEW...I'd die if we did, because it doesn't fit with my soccer Mom persona.  When we go to clubs, I dress up to the 9...and it is so fun to get out of frumpy Mom mode.  I convinced my husband I wouldn't be jealous if he got dances.  (He was scared that if I saw him get a dance, that it might cross a line, and he didn't want to risk me being  upset.)  I LIKED seeing him get dances A LOT!!!

So now, my husband suggested getting an Escort.  I said absolutely NO WAY!!!  The risk of an arrest is just too great, no matter how small that risk is.  Is the age of the internet, if anyone ever googled our names, and it showed up, even if we went to another part of the country is just terrifying to me.  I CAN NOT risk that, would never be able to face my children, etc.  So it was out of the question.

That is until we found out about Toronto.  (and that most of the rest of the world allows escort services.)  So we have decided to travel to Toronto in a few weeks.  We just applied for our passports.  I am anxiously awaiting this trip, but SO NERVOUS!!!!   I really want to experiment.  My husband at first thought I wouldnt allow him to be an active participant with the escort, but I actually think I would be okay with it.  He has been a faithful spouse for all the years, but there are certain things I can't bring myself to do, that maybe an escort could.  (swallow), and he is also curious about whether the techniques he has perfected over our 15 years of marriage would be as effective on other girls as they are on me.  So far, I've told him, he can definitely participate, but I'm not 100% sure if I'm okay with him actually having vaginal intercourse with someone else, but I think that when we are there, that I might actually consent to him doing that too.

So anyway, we are planning a fun weekend, where I can experiment with the bisexual side of me.  We have looked online at agencies, and it seems that Mirage Escorts seems to have the most women who see "couples" and say they are "bisexual."   If an agency doesn't specifically mention that, does that mean, it is not offered?  

We want to plan about 3 escort visits during the weekend we are there.  We will be staying in a suite in downtown Toronto.  I'm looking for direction in who to schedule.

I also have some questions about STD's.  We are completely disease-free, but I know that HPV is VERY COMMON.  I'd imagine that oral sex between women would be high-risk of HPV transmission.  Are there measures that can prevent it?  Is it only transmissible when visible?  I'd rather not bring back any souvenirs like that.

Also, in any recommendations made, we prefer someone in the 25-35 age range I believe.  I do not want to risk a girl POSSIBLY being underage through either an unscrupulous agency, or a girl faking her least I can draw some kind of line of morality in the sand.

Are there any other couples on these message boards who see escorts together?

Thanks in advance.

..Toronto has a number of high-end escorts who are safe, healthy and fun, though definitely more expensive than the agency girls. ClaudiaX, Isabella Angelina and Kylie Daniels are just three of the best independent escorts I can recommend. You will find their reviews on TER. Have fun!!!!

I saw that I was recommended, though I don't see couples at the moment. So for what it's worth, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions that I think would be really hard to go wrong with. Veronica Sway and/ or Brynn Winters. Both can be found here on TER and both have stellar reputations and reviews on a local board.

I pm'ed you as well, but I'm not sure if you get pm or not. :)

Have fun!


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I am not sure what I'm allowed to post here or not... so email me if you'd like. :o)

These women are open to seeing ladies as clients, would have to ask re: couples.
Scroll down to a little list of Toronto escorts that are open to couples.
Listing of Toronto independents. Would have to ask re: couples.
re: safety if you want to use dams for the ladies, these are big and easier to use than the smaller ones.
sells the large dams as well as latex free ones. (no latex taste, and good if you have a latex allergy/sensitivity)

I would suggest having one longer encounter for your first time vs a few shorter ones. I say this for a few reasons... firstly because it will give you time to get comfortable, as you will be a bit nervous. Having a few drinks, time to make out, get to know each other a bit would probably make the experience better. Also you never know how you might feel after it's over, you might want time to reflect as a couple. Even if the experience was amazing, it's hard to press pause when you have other women lined up the next night! ;) It's also likely you'll both be all sexually charged up and just want to have great sex with each other the next couple nights. :D

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