So... I scheduled my first session for tomorrow. What do I need? What can I expect?
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....I wouild expect a good time. If you didn't well I'll guess you'll have to wait it out and hope for the best.

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Im trying to find a newbie friendly provider myself.

guys without references SCARE THE HELL outta me !
i like to keep screening simple .. Its alot better seeing a guy thats fully vouched/whitelisted on a well known board ..
It leaves me free to be me ..
which is BETTER for YOU .. :-)

xxx naughty cougar

Being a newbie I'm like the "bubble skin man"  at a nude beach.

I'm trying hard to make my way into the club. I know its an exclusive club but Im willing to jump through the hoops

You know what I like about Newbies.....they haven't learned to be A**HOLES yet. They are polite and sweet and so excited.

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