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Tap Maple! [p.m. 4/1 & a.m. 4/2]
MidwesternMaple See my TER Reviews 5997 reads

Soo...I was craving Cheesesteak...

And decided to pit-stop in Philly en-route D.C.

Would love to meet some good ol' American boys while I'm there.


About me?

Your average Midwestern girl with a great education, a middle eastern background, and a passport full of stamps.

Sweet, bubbly, playful, open-minded.

Porcelain skin, bee-stung lips, big doe-eyes and wavy brown hair.

Offering romantic adventures and sensual massages.


I'll be available for in-calls in downtown Philly:

May 1 - after 16:00
May 2 - before 13:00

You boys kept me sooo busy in Philly that I never got my Philly Cheese Steak.

Which, in my humble opinion [along with the good company] certainly merits a trip-two.

I'll be back in Philly May 25-26.

Book before May 15 & my current requested donations will apply.

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