Pays to check the TER reviews.

report to this providers profile. Usually with TS providers, it will state TS in front of their names. Either the reviewer didn't know, or, he thought it was unnecessary. I filed a problem report to ask them to include a TS in front of her name, that way, clients can clearly see that she is a TS.

I for one would not want to be mislead. I almost didn't even see the PostOp in the profile. The reviewer didn't even mention that she was a PostOp in his review either, which is very disappointing. Also, that provider is misleading clients out the ass hoe bro. She is not stating that she is a PostOp, and that makes a big difference. If they were a man once, or still have some man features, I would sure as hell would like to know.

Fucking crazy bro. Anyhow, thanks for this piece of info.

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It is scary. I have noticed a new trend where TS ads are sneaking into the BP escort section. If you look at the pictures you would be fooled because they look like real women.

clients would react negatively if they found out they were with a TS. If I was in that situation, I'd just go home, wash up, take a cold shower, and curl up in a fetal position while in the shower, and trying to convince myself that I didn't know. I wouldn't fuck the TS if I saw the man feature, I'd just be very traumatize. Still, it would take some time for me to recover.

I think it is also important to make these distinctions in their profiles. Some TS providers got the surgery to remove the penis, and has a functioning vagina. It almost looks like a real vagina, and penetration is possible. A man would never know that he was once fucking another man. I find this a bit disturbing to mislead clients if they were once a man.

TS should post their ads in the proper section of BackPage, which is the TS section, and state their status, such as PostTS, fully functional TS, or other features. Its my opinion, but, if they were once a man, and had to surgery to have a fully functioning vagina, they should still post their ads on the TS section. That's just my opinion, and some may disagree. Anyhow, some shocking ass revelations bro. To think I've seen it all, fuck me!

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Post-op ts that have vagina, have problems staying fresh. She told there is no natural way for their pussy to self clean, as a result a bad odor.

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