TS Kimber James - It has kind of been asked...
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Hey all - I was looking on Eros NYC and came upon Kimber James. Let me just say WOW.

So I called her number listed (818-574-6331) and it rang twice and then hung up. About a minute later, I got a call back from (305-407-3781) asking if she had just missed a call. Thing is that if you search google, the number comes up to a TS in Eros in Miami or something close to there.

Well long story short, it was an awkward conversation on her end. And Im wondering if Kimber is actually escorting and if so, has anyone seen her.

Thanks a million

Very interesting to say the least.  Her one review here questions whether it was the girl in the pictures or not.

If someone were just using her photos, it wouldn't be the first time.  But usually the person doesn't actually claim to be the one in the photos...According to what I've read, she does reside in Florida, so the 305 number could be her.

I've done the google search too and saw it related to a TS Christy on Eros but the listing had changed.

LATSdog...Have you had an encounter with this cutie?  If you don't know, then what hope do we the masses have?

I was at Club Cobra last Thursday and she was there with Buddy Wood.  Man, she is one petite lil' thang.

If I can ascertain it's really her and she's cool, I may have to TOFTT.

I saw her a month ago.  Avoid at all costs.

BigRob33773750 reads

Why?? Shes back in FL and I'm looking for any info I can get. I talked to her and she sounds awesome...any information would be appreciated. Thanks

snickelfritz4113 reads

I too have see Kimber. I saw her in NYC.  Agree; avoid at all costs.  It is true that she is hot and looks just like the photos / videos, that, however, is where it ends.  Arrogant attitude, rushed service (she game me a whole 15 min for $300), does not get hard, no sex just BJ, etc.  That said, if you want to pay $300+ just to look at a TS and not a lot more, go for it!

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