Provider Friday – Hobbyist, Who's your pick for the week? (Provide “LINKS” Gents!)
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TGIF, and you know what that means. Yes, it's time for Provider Friday. That's when the HOBBYIST gets to tell us who your favorite Provider is for the Week. It can be an old favorite, a new flame, someone you'd like to see, or just someone you think seems cool! She can be a Local Lady or Touring Lady that comes to this area.        
Please post a name in the subject line.        
** Plus Include a Link to her Reviews and/or Web Site. *

Was visiting Denver and hoping to find a skilled deepthroater.  Searched Denver TER and quickly decided Nikki was the best in town.  Found she lives up to her reviews!  In fact I was so please I met with her twice.  Will definitely repeat when I visit Denver again, which may become a regular deal.

I also love DT, and Nikki is absolutely one of the best. Nationwide. She is tops on my list to see again when I come back to Colorado!

Just came back to Colorado.. a high priestess of sensuality.. Caution, may be intoxicating..

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