Top 100 reviewers for Baltimore.
wrps07 5221 reads

Does not take that many reviews to make to this list.

And, like you mentioned, it doesn't take much to be on the top 100 list. I saw that I am currently 10 on that list, just about 50 more to get to Beef status. I also looked at the DC top 100 list, and, there are many that are on that list that do not have any current reviews. It takes a lot to be on the top 100 list in DC.

I am glad they made a separate board for Maryland because Maryland and DC is totally different IMO. Maryland is basically the Baltimore area, and DC is basically DC and Nova. It's good to make these distinctions for hobbyist, providers, and agencies. I'm glad TER was able to accommodate this change.

I am not even on there, I guess they all fall under DC.

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