BWI bust this week
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Take out the link because it has people's names in it. Better to put up the link to the AA County BP post.

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Just got lucky that they got a hit. One of the articles outted the hotel name. From what I heard way too many providers where in that hotel last week, turned into a hooker central situation.

I saw the pictures of the ladies on sites, one them is ugly as can be. I have to wonder if they were using stolen pictures and john got pissed and reported them to LE.

Also reading the article it seems like the attractive one double booked. The guy she double booked was LE. Apparently when he got the room she was getting ready to have fun with a client that just go there. From what I read in the article the guy did not get arrested.

I have observed some things in the past 2 months. LE marked and unmarked cars driving in the area. I have seen LE watch parking lots and walk around.

The maids are more aware of what is going on. In all parts of Anne Arundel county they are doing room service at different hours and reporting back to management. I have seen them cleaning rooms late in evening.

Anne Arundel county LE is very sneaky. They will let a provider hug a vice cop with bear breasts then his buddies will bust into the room.

A few ads have had a location of hotel printed in the ad. Providers contacted the new provider and she refused to take the address out of the ad. There have been other provider ads posted in Maryland with the hotel name in them, but a few hours later the hotel location has been removed.

There is a lot of new talent out there. One that I talked to recently had no idea how hot Maryland is with LE activity.  

I have been nervous as can be seeing ladies in Anne Arundel county. Some have been reviewed others no review.

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I found a facebook page with the arrest listed on it, a twitter post referencing the facebook page. They are down right cruel because once it is put on facebook the search engines index the people's name. I know one lady who was arrested for prostitution years ago in the midwest. Because of the outing she can't find a job now, the employers won't hire her after they google her name and her mug shot comes.

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Looks like Anne Arundel County LE renewed the ad. It got re-posted on 1:10 am on Sunday morning 5/13/2012.

Its not right that some people jump into the hobby without doing the proper research about how things work or else we wouldn't have these problems. I cant imagine why anyone would put their hotel name in the AD. Just does not make sense, its like standing in front of the White House to sell crack.. Stuff like that is just not done and common sense should really take effect. I am not sure whether i should laugh or feel bad ladies who handle business so callously.

I saw that ad with the name and address in the ad, then after that i saw a rob report on bp about the same girl it was like 99/hour or something sometime i just wonder if people just want to get into trouble? and if i remember correctly the ad was like at motel 6 lol i havent stayed at one of those since i was 18 not good business.

i read the article and i was actually supposed to be in the area, i always use upscale hotel 4 stars or better, and i was wondering if even those hotels would be working with police? they said microtel in the article and that looks like a run down 40/night hotel

so is it true if you spend a little more then people mind their business or are all of the hotels in the bwi area hot right now? i was planning on coming that was but im pretty hesitant

No matter where we go, there is always LE presence and its always hot. As long as i conduct myself properly, mind my business and SCREEN everyone I meet, my risks are reduced to minimal. I am not saying its a 100% but so far it has worked for me like a charm since I started. The more relaxed I am before an appointment, the more fun he is guaranteed to have. Which is why I dont see newbies and stay away from 2 star & below hotels.

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Given what I found out recently (that can't be posted) I would recommend that you avoid Anne Arundel County which includes Laurel route 198 east, Anne Arundel Mills, BWI, Glen Burnie, Crofton, and Annapolis areas. The smart ladies are avoiding the area and have moved out the county for now. It is a shame because it is so convenient to get to and free parking. Anne Arundel county is for real, especially when they post what they posted. Back in 2010 they posted a pdf with all the ladies and guys they busted in a 9 month period of 2010. They have been helpful in going after guys who rape and rob the ladies.

Back in 2010 they had a operation called "Stay safe" that went from June 1, 2010 to November 30, 2010. They posted a pdf file on their site with every person busted with names, pictures, and addresses.  Here is an excerpt:

"During the course of the investigation, detectives executed eight search warrants and conducted 12 Prostitution and Human Trafficking operations along with several drug interdiction initiatives at a total of 14 hotels and motels in the Laurel and North County areas. A total of 35 adult suspects were arrested."

Remember the sleaze bag half wit cheting scum bag governor who was a dirty ass mayor with a ton of dirty land deals for hotels around the inner harbor who was protected by his daddy in law the almighty joe curran wants to run for president in 2016. So be warned he needs something to clean up his sleaze ball self reputation. Ask Ed Norris he'll tell you For reference just watch the wire that's why he tried to yank their filming permit in baltimore.

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