411 On sarah ?
CDCGuidelines5697 reads

depends on how you view providers who opt to go BB service (CG). It might have been a one-time thing (appears to be).

MissMarple5818 reads

You might find the following blog entries interesting. Look for the Sarah entries around Sept 2011. Apparently she uses the same cell number as her ad.

Miss Marple

Sarah was hot like Tricia is currently.  But she (pick a name) got flaky and can't be trusted.  I think (pick a name) was also a stripper.  She (pick a name) is just one of those hit it and quit it kind of gals with baggage way to heavy to carry.  She (pick a name)  see they're hot, jack up their prices to the professional provider levels but never was and never will be a dependable provider like we respect. And then they fade away.

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