par for the course on a weekend.
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It's been my experience that all of the times I've been stood up it's been on weekends.

She has good reviews so I tried to call and set up an appointment with her. I received a text message from her saying she was busy and then later a message that indicated she was free. I then tried calling her and text messaging right response.

This one was worse. She told me would be coming over to my place after I gave her my address. After quite some time, I called to try to check on her. She picked up and after a quick exchange of "hello"s over a bad reception, either she deliberately disconnected or the reception was lost. Either way, she wouldn't answer my calls again for the night. Sent her a text message to ask if she were still coming. No response. Today I decided to try to call her again to see what was up with last night. Guess she has my number on a black list or something because my call isn't answered.

Maybe this is a sign that I should stop indulging in this....

It's been my experience that all of the times I've been stood up it's been on weekends.

why would you advertise when you are not available. It defeats the purpose.

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Tricia, I've seen her several times now, and it doesn't seem to get any better. She lacks enthusiasm and pretend like I am not even there sometimes. She acts as though my money isn't good enough or something. My past several experience, here is the run down. I drove about one hour to see her, she flaked and decided to call me back, telling me one of her regulars she's been seeing for a long time wanted to see her. I specifically told her that I would be there at a certain time. She then told me I can squeeze her in for a quickie of 10 minutes. WTF?

The last occasion, I paid her and asked for 2 cups. She didn't wash up properly down there, and as I went in, I almost vomited. That just totally ruined the mood. Then, she tries to control how deep I can go with her hands, and was blocking me from going deeper. Basically, I only gave her the tip of me. Afterwards, we talked, and she filled me with all of her drama and act like I am not even there.

You want to hear about the previous times? One time, she made this big deal about me having two cups. I paid her the full hour, and stayed for like 10 minutes and she tries to rush me out the door. So, your not missing anything.

She is good for only a 10 minute quickie. Yeah, I went back those previous times because the first time was good, but, it just sink down hill from there. I do not know how she keeps her regulars if she keeps behaving in that manner.

There's a reason why she offers $100 specials. I remember Beef's review saying she could easily charge $300 and still bill worth it. Not the way she operates.

I tried calling one night and she didn't answer. Sent her a text and got a reply about 30 minutes later saying she was available. She asked me what time? Reading her reviews I figured if I picked a time she'll probably flake so told her to pick a time that best works for her. She gave me a time that was reasonable and I said we are on. Drove out to the area and had a drink over at Kaos (local strip club. place is a dive but had a couple pretty girls. Ok just to kill 30 minutes.) Time came and called Tricia and no answer. Oh boy here we go. Called a few more times over the next 15 minutes then gave up. Drove home. Sometime later after I got home, she texted me asking whats up. Should have just stayed home but I call her and no answer. WTF you just texted me why don't you answer? Texted her back to see if we were still going to get together. she said yes. Only 20 minutes away so told her I'll be in the area in 20 minutes. Got to the mall and called. Surprise no answer. Sent her a text to let her know I was at the mall and needed to know where to go. No reply. No answer to any phone calls. Got tired of sitting in the car in the rain so went home again. After I get home, got a texted back saying she fell asleep. There's a few hours I'm not getting back because she can't stay awake. I ca not see how she is worth $300. at this point I can't even see her being worth $200. I may try again when she advertises the special which seems to be often.

JoelRick is right! I just realized that anytime I've had a scheduling problem with a BP gal it has been during weekends.  Weekend Warriors.  (Gals and guys!)  Now, I've seen Tricia, had a good time once I got clearance to land at her incall.  But, i won't repeat.  Too high volume and flaky. Her star will fade son enough. IMHO

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