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Jordan Carter - Erotic Desires & Dinner Dalliance - Visiting Downtown MPLS 6/18-6/20teeth_smile
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Visiting - Monday 6/18 to Friday 6/20 - Downtown Minneapolis

Hello, I'm Jordan Carter, an Independent Ebony Prowess that is Chicago's Own.

Repeat companions gravitate toward my demure temperament and All American Girl style. They like that I am classy, yet so tenderly naughty and dressed to the nines. Companions can see the desire for their euphoric maximum all over my almond shaped eyes when that special time to play begins.

While they appreciate that I'm 100% Natural (no silicone) and have enough energy to book for days, the Lusty Prowess better known as Me fuels their addiction. I'm so flattered to say that there is no other woman like me. The company of a sexy, ebony, classy, college educated and corporate experienced seductress provides them all the mental and physical pleasure they ever desired in a woman. Making it more than easy for them to take me anywhere and forget how we met...despite how naughty I am.

Maybe there's a young ebony woman in your office who's caught your eye, that consistently delivers on all commitments and is more than a critical asset to your team. She's next up for a promotion and well known in the company. If only she would stop killing you with her perfectly fitted collar top. The buttons at the top more than sparkle between her natural glowing cleavage that walks a fine line between professional and sexy. Her smile lights up the room as she presents the quarterly financials and key budget driving performance. She's your first ebony desire. You just don't know how to get her alone. Well, here I am. She is me. Wanting you just as badly, as you want me. I always make sure that my lip gloss is fresh and curls fluffed before our meetings. We're long overdue and should meet very soon. My skills on our latest multi-million dollar projects are inferior to what I can do if all the doors are closed. Just promise that you'll be nice to me  Promise me that you will let me undress you, kiss you and go down very very slowly while getting to know who you are on the inside.

I can't wait to sneak away with you...again and again.

Sweet cyber kisses until I get my hands on you

Packages for New Friends!
Make You Happy.....1.0 hour - $400 incall, $450 Outcall
Momentary Elation.....1.5 hours - $550 incall, $600 outcall
Intimate Diversion.....2.0 hours - $700
**Jordan Carter Experience.....3.0 hours - $1,000**
(Old friends who I've met within the past 12 months are grandfathered at their original rate)

Email me at Date.Jordan.Carter@gmail.com

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