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Here is why I ask.  I am 47 years old, retired from the Army and a few years past my physical prime.  In my prime, I would strip to my skivvies and be as confidant as can be.  Nowadays, my confidence is based on my experiences and knowing how to treat a woman, and less so on my physique, but that does not equate to looking good in my tighty-whities.

I want to make love with the lights on to appreciate these beautiful woman, but I am embarrassed about what they are looking at in return.


Living civilian life too well and not hiking 10 miles a day.


I am a couch potato myself with a beer belly I am not proud of (45 years old).
I think that you should stick to higher end service.  I found that the ladies are more pro and will appreciate you as you are.  Be a retired gentleman-warrior.  Honey gets you further than vinegar.



Your not the only one that have these thoughts. There are plenty of men out there that pay providers that are similar in your condition. The reason why you brought it up is because you want others who have similar experience to express their input.

Like you said, it's really who you are as a person, and how you treat the ladies. Not every guy looks like Brad Pitt. Not every guy scores 9 or 10 on the looks department. Welcome to the club my friend, your just like everyone else. Providers are use to guys like us.

Its no big deal, they have a tolerance to it, and have accepted it as is. Otherwise, they wouldn't be providing. As long as you enjoy yourself, treat them like a lady, that's all that really matters.

Have you wondered why some ugly dudes out in the streets have good looking girlfriends? Half the time, it's not their money, but, it's who they are as a person. They make the girl feel good emotionally, and that is what's most important. In a personal relationship, its not how a person looks or how good they are in bed, it's who and what they are as a person that makes an impact. Hope that helps.

BTW, don't worry too much about it. Its their job. Just treat them like ladies and you'll be rewarded.

Most hobbyist are over 40 and a lot of us are closer to 60 . It's nice to be concerned about what they see, however their job is to be your girl friend for an hour.  Don't worry about being overweight or looking a little over the hill. The ladies expect that . If we were all young male model types we wouldn't be in the hobby.
" Have a good time"

You should be confident and love yourself no matter how you look! No one is perfect and a good attitude and confidence goes a long way. ;)

If it helps you feel better, I'll share with you my flaws: one boob is slightly larger than the other, and I like having things in my mouth too much which makes my diet attempts fail every time and despite being very active, I have a bit of a tummy. But ummm, excuse me, I get naked and have a great time all the time and love myself regardless and haven't had a complaint or ill remark or funny look for any of it!

All of the gentlemen that I've seen around your age and older have looked marvelous and I really don't know why men get all mid life crisis that they aren't sexy any more because you aren't 25- 30. Men look better with age always! And if a nice gentleman is giving me the business with the lights on, I can't necessarily say I am focused on his flaws. Nothing really matters when the loving is good now does it? ;)

I have always known that you soldiers were all ugly, unlike we handsome sailors!  Nonetheless, when a woman decides to become an escort, she has to accept that she will be with men who are not featured in Gentleman's Quarterly ads.  That is part of the job.  As for age, well I am 64 and I have yet to be rejected.  

Worry not about your looks, but rather on treating her with respect.  She will love you for it in both senses of the word.

An old anchor clanker!

It will make them feel uncomfortable which would lead to a less satisfying experience for the clients.  Believe it or not, they actually prefer you looking ugly out of shape then cute and sexy.  So, throw that thought of fear of being embarrassed on your look out the window. Just focus on the pleasure part.

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