Mini on Marina with Flawless.....Move on!
67dc 220 Reviews 5242 reads

I thought that going with an old friend would work out.  Wrong.  While I still recommend trying Flawless I have to say pass on Marina.

Pics:  Old.  Ad 15-20 lbs.
Age:  Mid-late 20's
Services:  No kissing; BBBJ; CFS, FIV; CIM (sort of) drips out of mouth
Rating: 7/3
Recommend:  No, not on your life.

dmva5208 reads

Thanks for 411, man. I was seriously thinking about doing her.

petie495738 reads

This is not the Marina I know. She has been one of the best providers that i have been with.  If i were you, the next time she is in town, book a date with her. You will not regret it.

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