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This message to my fellow hobbyists who don't have significant others to answer to and dont have nasal problems; theres nothing like a great sexual smelling lady to arouse the whole session u walk in and smell of sweet sex. Similar to a nice strip club and you see a beautiful dancer and u ask her to dance up close u know she's smell so good and sexy just imagine that alone and standing there for u two to ravage: that's the scene. Just ask ur provider and u will thank me. I'm not trying to annoy or mock anyone with smelling problems or people to answer to. Still in the market for a Cleveland gal for consistent service and didn't get any responses. It's true Cleveland local gals are really slacking that's why traveling girls like I seen in April, Vic Von Dutch, and London have full dance cards when in Cleveland guys are hungry here I send 3 visits myself through referrals. Hopefully it will change soon with the appeal of a casino it will draw better gals to work locally. Take care everyone

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