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By something different I am referring to....
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Something different?

Hello friends,
I am ready to offer you something different. ...... I have some availability in Minnesota next week.

Are you ready?

I have something you want...and I want to give it to you.
Are you the one?

Love it on top,
Samantha sk Good

Shhhhh don't tell people I'm a pervert! I miss that sweet ass, and the perverted things you used to do to me! Like our first orgy mmmmm I'm going to need some discipline this summer bad vs good! Muahz

LOLz...who is the sinner and who is the saint is for you to come and find out!


over 4 years ago!...can you believe it?

Damn you've been an LTR honey of mine!! It's just getting better every year with you.


And that magazine cover ad is totally awesome and creative!!  

Where's the  "LOVE IT" button???

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