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furiously going thru bp&reviews here to figure out who it is.-lol!

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Have been seeing an absolutely gorgeous girl on Columbus BP for quite some time. Pics are real -- absolutely outstanding -- so can't figure out why she has had NO reviews for more than a year (and then just a couple). Why no action with reviews? Any ideas?

Have you met her?  Or are you figuring they must be real because you did a Google Image or tineye search and didn't pull up anything?

If you post a link to her ad, you might get more opinions on this but my point is, just because her pics aren't stolen doesn't mean they are accurate or recent.

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Thanks for the reply ... but as I mentioned in my post, I've been seeing her for more than a year.Pics are REAL -- she is dynamite. Have no idea why she's not being reviewed. Forgot to mention that I'm new to TER.

if you've been seeing her for a year, have you reviewed her?

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No, have not reviewed her myself. Just recently became a TER member. What is so puzzling is that looks cannot be an issue here, trust me. And even if "performance" is the issue, certainly some of the TER regulars would have weighed in. I am fascinated by this.

I know providers can request that TER not permit reviews to be posted, some ladies like to remain well UTR as far as reviews and such. This does not mean the provider or TER is trying to keep bad reviews off the site, one of my best experiances in this hobby was with a provider who when I tried to write a review on her was one who had requested that reviews not be published/posted.

I am not sure what the criterea is on that, I know I read an account years ago, I believe it was a post made by a moderator that shared the furious emails from a notorious rip off provider in DC with her threatening the site with a lawsuit if they didn't take her reviews down, they never came down. I guess there is some sort of process a reputable provider can go through to make it to where any review submitted for them is withheld and not posted.

With that said, it can sometimes be a number of months for a provider to start getting reviews. Also remember that a realtively few number of hobbyists post reviews and further even those who do write them don't write one on every encounter they have.

I'd say write your own review, TER will send you back a message if the girl is one that has asked for reviews to be withheld from posting, again that is through one experiance a few years back, not sure if changes might have been made since, I don't want to speak for the site.

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Thanks, but when you say "write your own review," I find myself on the horns of dilemma. On one hand I would like her to do well; on the other, I'm not sure I'm ready to give away the map to the treasure (if you know what I mean).

Maybe all the other guys are thinking the same thing and thats why no reviews.

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Bingo! I think you've nailed it, Naomi.

and other pirates are using it(it's called backpage!)

Maybe if you post a link here to her ad you may get better feedback if people know who you're talking about.

Also, did you try asking her?  Maybe she tells gentlemen not to review her.

furiously going thru bp&reviews here to figure out who it is.-lol!

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