guys,quantity or quality?
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what i mean is do you see the same girl over again if you think she's special(i.e.become a regular)or do you pretty much look for the next great thing?iam pretty much seeing just a couple/few of of girls regularly,and only on occasional seeing someone new.to many to new ones just don't measure up to experiences i'have with my favs.just curious
(p.s.taht's why iam not posting reviews or answering emails-not vip currently)

I tend to see the same girls over again with the occasional new one for variety

I think in certain regions (LA,LV,NY,Fla) that good quality can be had in high quantity. That is my ideal environment, a steady stream of perfect 10 girls coming in and out of town complimented with a decent local selection, in that scenario I could see myself seeing a girl on multiple occasions only if she was out of this world.

Variety is good, the problem is there is only a few places where there is high end quality in quantity.

There are a handful of girls I have seen on multiple occasions, or made the effort to do so and not been able to schedule. But only a couple of these I would have made the effort to see again had the selection been better - saw them again because the body was real nice and performance, while not great, was not bad and worth seeing because nothing else was appealing.

If your only into model-like perfect 10 type providers with really good reviews then there is little quantity. Rather than see the few that fit that bill multiple times I choose to sit out and wait, and wait and wait, until I see what I like. Good for the wallet, not so good for free time fun.

There is lots of candy displayed and I do like to sample.  Now, if I found that right combination I would be a regular.  I am hoping that  Izabela Laska might be that one, especially if she was easier to book!  I read your review and now I think that I will have to reach out to her again.  Perhaps again and again and again.

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