Candy was dandy (eom)
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I just googled their pictures.

For Paris, it's a Catrina Lopez

For Isabella, it's Stacey Mari

For Monica, she's been discussed before in the past. I recall she had a review, but changed her phone number. She is not GFE, and not sure if the pictures are hers. I didn't check.

As for Julie, those pictures are definitely fake. She was discussed in the DC boards. I was the one the posted a thread about her. Those pictures are of a young model, and that is definitely not her as advertise on BP.

Finally, for Jessica. I think it's her. Those are average pictures. Researched the phone number, and nothing came up. But, out of all the girls, I'd go for this if this is my only option.

I remember her, and every time I see someone use her pick on BP, I say, shame on them! Anyhow, thanks for clearing that up.

What? Julie actually has a new review. I should book an appointment just to see her reaction when I tell her she's using the pictures of a 14 year old.

we are not talking tin eye right? How do you google a photo other than tin eye?


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click properties. There, the URL web address will appear for that specific picture. Open Google, click on their image icon at top left, there, you will see a small camera symbol next to their picture search. Click the camera icon symbol, and paste the URL picture web address. The sources of the picture will appear.

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