Once again...thanks Cleveland! It was a blast!
London Rayne See my TER Reviews 4329 reads

Special thanks to whitefrank for taking me out to eat and shop just because...still tasting that Tequila bwahahah.

To all the guys who saw me again from last time, and the new ones I met...was a pleasure. See you all in about 3 months ha ha.

Nothing like late nights at CVS and the neighborhood Wal Mart. Good times see you next time around.

Frank, you lucky dog u!!  lol
She only comes to town when i leave!!..lol.

Thats my girl; she loving nachos with beef on it. She ate that up quick while picking songs from the old jukebox. The girl is classy buying a VISA cash card at WalMart at 1Am. haha.

did she buy skim milk?
she loves skim milk.
lets see, how many gallons of skim milk in trade for a session?...lol

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