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She does have nice tits.

Check out this backpage ad.


Check out the first picture, wonder if the figure in the background is the thug that will be part of the equation upon meeting or what...lol...Hard to tell on the sex but the figure does not appear to have long hair by the silouette. Some of the scammers are more skilled than others,lol,not for sure she is a scam but I would stay clear after seeing the background of the top pic, actually the girl is not that appealing to me anyway even if she didn't possibly have some thug laying in wait.

She must not be very bright to let someone take her picture in front of a mirror.

If she is actually under 21 she probably does have a "driver" since she would be too young to check into hotels.

Also she doesn't look very happy in her pics does she?

She does have nice tits.

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