LOL well of COURSE I have done this
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BOTH as a reciever AND as a giver.

I stumbled across a website featuring fairly well known American and Euro pornstars loading each others asses up with milk and whipped cream and then blowing huge streams onto each other for what seems like an eternity.

I was completely fascinated. Plus it was hot.

Is this an option that is available from providers that specialize in fetishes? Or is this just something the video producers cooked up to sell videos and get website traffic?

If anyone has had any direct knowledge or experience either providing or receiving, please share it with the group.



One thing about milk enemas, in my experience (and if you are going to indulge in it) while they are fun, you/the person giving it to you should rinse your out with a non-additive enema (ie - water only) after releasing the milk enema, to ensure that you get all of the milk out of your system.. Otherwise, you'll have it curd in your system.. Not cool..

I'm very well verse in enema play.  I actually enjoy it in my personal life (for health benefits), and really enjoy indulging in conversation and play with others.  If you have any more questions, send me a mail!

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