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her chair doesn't hold a candle to yours
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Maybe some competition? Nah, nothing like being the center of attraction on your chair as you 'sit on it"

I have a horrible case of "Ad Writers Block". Yep, that's right, I have lost my inspiration.
It's a terrible and debilitating situation for someone who loves to write.  It's been more than a month since my last ad.  

Over the past several weeks, I have had ideas such as "Melissa's Ho Down Show Down", this idea came to me after being knocked to the ground by my dog.  Laying outside, flat on my back, staring to the sky, I thought... Ho Down!"   Unfortunately, the words to go with the idea, never developed.

Another day, while searching for the key to my in-call, I said to myself where is that "Ho-Key"???  without my "Ho-key, there will be no Poke-y"!  Ha-ha.  That could have become a cute idea for an ad, maybe...

So, last week I paid a visit to my in-call to pick-up laundry, yes, only to pick up laundry..... and noticed the water had evaporated about two inches out of the toilet!  I knew then I had to do something fast!  

Today, I was determined to write an ad.  So, here I sit with a blank white screen, cursor blinking, blinking, blinking.  Words, Creativity, Inspiration, where are you!  Several weeks ago, my cartoon ad had been posted on the General Board. A poster added to the thread saying basically that creativity means nothing, the only thing that matters is looks, price, service level and consistency. Everything else means nothing.  Could that be true? Whatever is a lonely girl to do?

Do you have some inspiration to share?


we enjoy what you write...however you dont need to say much we know how great you are!

I got distracted by the picture..... Oh yeah, something abut a ho-key and a ho-down. Nope, think of a thing, I can't concentrate with that picture staring at me.... ha ha.


You can write!  You just did and although it was different from any of your previous ads, it is still entertaining nonetheless.  This one just allows us all into how your creative mind works!  Inspiration will simply just show up...

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I have never read one of your ads that didn't leave me thinking "Damn, I've got to see this woman and soon!"

This ad was no exception.

ps The picture didn't hurt.

I stumbled upon this saucy lady!  If only I could do a remake of this this little video!


Thank you for your fun comments! Bianca you are the best!

I don't need to watch Mad Money to know you are a Strong Buy!

Maybe some competition? Nah, nothing like being the center of attraction on your chair as you 'sit on it"

Your fish net brings back GREAT memories.  
I better be careful or my bad behavior will find me in cuffs:)

Melissa... your posting on the Chicago board showed your amazing creative skill; and I see more on your new site. Your series of ads should include:
> Business Network Workshop: how to PENETRATE your market; THE NAKED TRUTH on grabbing new business leads!

POKER LESSONS FOR THE PENIS....  you've not done it like this before! My QUEEN beats your ACE!

CHAIR THERAPY... come see how to get the best exercise while sitting...satisfaction guaranteed.

Please be sure to contact me when cuming to the WIndy City!

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