Anyone who does this in the Orlando area.....eom
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Stopped in a strip club after I got a cancelation, spent $$ for a 30 minute VIP room, she asked if I wanted a Dom session, I said yes, and...SHE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Slapped me right across the face, ....repeatedly, ....hard, not those little love taps, she leaned into it. Grabbed my hair, forced me on my knees, demanded I give her some "confessions".  My first one wasn't good enough, just caused her to beat me some more, then I finally gave her something good; her eyes open wide and she grew an evil smile, it's was like she got off on it, it was like she started to drool. Picked me up by my hair, threw me on couch, kneed me in balls, then started to grind on my cock though my pants while she pinched my nipples with her nails so hard they hurt the entire next day (when I got back to the car I had to check to see if she drew blood, she didn't, but they were red and swollen).  She started slapping me over and over yelling at me, demanded I started correcting my "confessed behavior", I had to ask for break, I couldn't keep it up. If I had been more prepared, maybe, I think I want to try again,  I have some bad habits I need "correcting".  

Is this  "behavior mod Dom" thing a standard service ? I really liked it.   Has anyone had experience with this ? Does it work? Can you submit it to you insurance company?

I do it with spanking and punishment. What better way to change an undesireable behavior than with proper punishment? Having someone to answer to, and knowing that if you report that you have continued the undesireable behavior you are going to get punished for it makes it that much harder to keep doing it...unless, of course, you are a brat and just like the punishment!!

Of course, it is punishment, not funishment or some eroticized pretend punishment, but real punishment that makes the difference in behavior modification and  I find that only those who are serious about changing some behavior commit to it.

And one of these days, when I am finally done with school, who knows, your insurance company might just cover my services ;)


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