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Can anyone tell me why there are so many hot girls advertising on BP in Cincinnati outcall only?  None of them have any reviews.   There cant be that many grab the cash and dash girls, can there?

The weather is getting nicer and its bringing everyone out to play.  Instead of staying in the southern states they are now moving north.

Not to say everyone on BP is a fake in Cinci but no reviews, hot pics and low rates usually add up to a poor experince.

Do a search on here for Cinci and see if you can find any well reviewed ladies who are to your liking and stay away from the un reviewed ones on BP.

You are wise to see "outcall only" as a good tip off the ad is probably bad news. Without reviews those are ones to stay away from, cash and dashes are much more unlikely when it is incall rather than outcall.

I have always wondered just how many of these scammers could be out there - who are the people behind each obvious BS ad on there. From what I have read, I think many of the BS ads on there are the work of the same people who travel in and out, when one rip off artist leaves another shows up with a similar scam. I think they throw out a number of lines looking for a bite so to speak.

I have said a number of times on here that there should be some loosely organized effort on the part of hobbyists to turn the table on the scam artists. I know you could never rid them from this area or anywhere else completely but targeting the obvious and known scam artists with phone calls and bogus appointments might convince them to move on and tell their friends to skip the area. I read an account on another board where some dude called up the scammers and sent them to some vacant house on his street, he not only wasted the scammers time but he got to see it all go down from his place across the street...lol

No one has really ever replied with an affirmative that this is a worthwhile thing to pursue, I don't even do more than look on backpage, never saw a girl off there, but it would be nice to not go on there essentially doubting any new ad with new pics of a hottie - sucks to think you might pass on a girl who is real and hot but is not seeable because of the doubt of the authenticity of the ad.

If you want to know what a fake ad looks like, do a search here on TER, plug in numbers 1-5 for the categories of "appearance" and "Performance" - all cities.

you will get several pages of reviews.

anyway, read a few of them, does the photo real - the majority say "NO" or yes but they are really old.

Click on the girl's ad  - almost all of the time the pic in the ad will be of a girl who looks like she just stepped out of victoria secret catalog or she should try out to be a swimsuit model.

After you've read a few of these reviews you get a good idea of how these scams work, plus these bad reviews can be rather entertaining since the poor guy who fell for the ad decided to TOFFT anyway.

I have done that a number of times and some of the accounts are just funny as hell - some of the BS that some of the scammers pull and sometimes the outright stupidity of some who let the wrong head think for them. Not all who get ripped off are stupid but sometimes you wonder what these guys were thinking or expecting.

No doubt thought it will give you some insight on how the typical scams are run and give you things to look out for. Many of the scams are repeated over and over, you will also find that probably 40 to 50%, at least, of the reviews in the lower rating/ripoff category came from people who anwsered backpage ads.

I think it was Friday night CNN did a story on backpage that was very much like the series they did on craiglist a year or so back. They were saying it is a hotbed for sex traffiking and child prostitution. Typical piece that took a couple bad cases and made it to where the whole hobby was  painted as something where all people were in it against their will

Anyway some guy on the newscast said that 80% of the ads for prostitution originate from backpage. I immediatly thought that was totally misleading, I mean what is the percentage of fake ads placed by ripoff artists who provide no service on there, I 'd say easily 50% probably closer to 70%.

As much as I hope all trafficking of those in the business against their will is squashed and eliminated, it is outright misleading I think to just go on there and count the number of backpage ads and assume all of them are legit and real and not some cash and dash artists or robbers.

I would say that backpage adult ads will probably soon go the way of craigslist - there is alot of heat on them. And then some other site will be set up that will take their place.

Are there any advertising sites that are more or less "trustworthy" that scam artists wont be there?  I know Eros has its share...though not like BP.

I don't know of any site where the scammers are fewer and far between - actually the date-check site seems to have fewer of the unreviewed types on there so that is maybe one.

But I think there is a market for an ad site who would do more to police the obvious scams - I would be more apt to visit a site who would be proactive in aiding hobbyists as far as filtering out the scammers and not letting them advertise.

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Are there any advertising sites that are more or less "trustworthy" that scam artists wont be there?  I know Eros has its share...though not like BP.
You won't find too many scammers on Preferred411.   To place an ad there the ladies have to be screened.  Also, if a lady is reported for being a scam they will remove her from the site.  The drawback is that there aren't as many ads as some of the other sites.

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