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Im happy regardless.....regular_smile
adsumsparkle 7237 reads

....and thanks to OldGuy, Im smiling in my new pics! ;)
Let's all smile everyone!  ......Regardless!
$400 rate still applies.....I feel like a snob at 5! haha!


helper_helping3492 reads

my thanks to old guy then!    Wow!!!!    But then, I can't give him all the credit, look at the lady....... just look into her eyes and see what I see....... inside beauty, caring, understanding, peace, nonjudgmental, funny.....on-n-on.......

Great job old guy!    Hilary, you look absolutely stunning!!!!!!

slatmaker3518 reads

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Wow, stunning picture. And thanks for the price consideration.

SunFired3613 reads

Oh my gosh!  You are....just Wow!  I am looking forward to meeting you very soon!

That I dd not heve a chance to meet you during your last visit to California...
I surely hope that this never happens again when you are out West again!

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