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I go to Dunkin Donuts every morning to get a cup of coffee. One particular morning the manger and I started talking he ask if he could take me out on a date. I said," yes that would be nice". We have been on at lease three now, so he ask me ,"what kind of work do you do?" I blurt out, I am a Web Designer I work from home. He ask if he could see some of my work ?? Oh shit, now what do I do ?

And no he has not gotten into my panties YET,what do you think I am a whore ?

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to the government and the materials are personal data. Which means, the public cannot view it because the materials are confidential.

You may say, I work at home, but I cannot show others what I am doing because it violates the privacy law of my company. If he keeps pressing the issue, simply say, would you like it if someone knew your tax return info? Make it sound as though your job relates to personal data, and hopefully he understands.

If it's any consolation I can relate. Agency owners are subject to the same issues.
When women ask me what I do, I tell them the truth, I'm internet marketing consultant with a specialization in adult issues and markets.

Even if we get past the employment issue, if the relationship starts to gets serious then at some point we have to decided to give full disclosure or end it. At best if we think they can handle what we do we're still taking a chance, we've misjudged them. In my case, the issue becomes  I'm surrounded by women and at some point her insecurities come out or the assumption I'm having sex with everyone who works for me. Yea well sorry not true and not matter how many times you tell them that it's pointless. Even with the women I tend to go for who are more  emotionally and spiritually balanced than most.

In the end like you, I have limited choices.

For me it can come down to either date other women in the business (ie independents ) or my own staff.

So Rose, I hear you.


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Do you honestly believe that had you disclosed your occupation that he would have been OK with it?

I recently had a close call with a cive girl that I had sex with for the first time. She kind of figured out that I am a hobbyist. She told me the next day on the phone that she had never been fucked the way I did her. I asked if she was complementing me and she said "No, you fucked me like a whore." Then I had a slip of the tongue, I referred our time together as a session. She is not stupid and put 2 and 2 together here. We no longer are on speaking terms and she blocked me on F-book. Oh, well it was fun while it lasted.

Moral of the story. Hide any and all links to this profession in your personal life. Create a believeable alibi like you are a massage therapist, model, sales person, etc., and never under any circumstances let this industry leak into your personal life.

My suggestion is, if you want to keep seeing this guy, you admit your lie....then lie again.

If he keeps pressing about seeing your work, tell him you aren't really a web designer, and it was the first thing you thought of when asked.  Then, tell him you are an exotic dancer at a club.  

This will:

1.  Be a good cover to why you lied in the first place.
2.  Be a test to see if he is comfortable with seeing someone working in a taboo industry.
3.  Give you an out if things move forward to the point where you want to give up the life and start one with him.  

If point 3 comes, you can quit your job (the real one and the fake one), and it will seem natural to him when you look for a new job after getting serious with him.

If he's OK with the dancer story, he might not completely flip out if he ever discovers the truth.  

If he's not OK with the dancer story, you have a huge landmine to tiptoe around for the rest of your life.



You could also learn some HTML.  It's not all that difficult and could be a lot of fun.  Then you wouldn't really be lying.

I shall lie by omission, by saying I am not ready for a committed relationship. You (he) are talking about having at lease five kids, a huge house and lab as our pet. Sorry, I am not there yet and I don't even like kids. (this is so hard) We are on two different paths in life. I hope you meet Miss.Right, she is not me. Can I have my coffee,please so I can leave... (my attitude is going be really bad).

I can hurt him now ....
Or kill him with truth later ...



You dont have to go that hard on him. Just tell him that you are not ready to give the commmitment that he expects and that it is just not going to work out. If he corners you and wants answers, just tell him that he was going too fast, that you dont like kids and make up some crapola that you are going to get back together with your ex.

Also I do recommend that you find somewhere else to get your morning coffee. It is not fair to him to break his heart and then pour on the bad attitude afterwords.

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