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NS, NS, NS OK, enough
bwconley 8 Reviews 9330 reads

Can anyone, besides Sweetman, reliably see Riley Rayne?  I haven't seen her.  Tonight was the 3rd time she has stood me up since June, 2009.  I know.  I'm a slow learner, but I have learned.  With all the great gals we have available, there is no way she could ever be worth the aggrivation.  Luck to those that try and congrats to those that succeed.

tumbleweeds4u7979 reads

I don't give second chances, let alone 3rd. I guess your best bet would to be find her clone. The one who knows how to set and keep an appointment.

Hi BW, et al.
It sucks that you are having trouble connecting with RR.  I continue to be very lucky with her I guess.  I just went and re-read my recent review of her and damn if I didn't get wood reading my own review!  Did I just invent a new kind of cyber auto eroticism?  

Since RR does have a history of flakiness, I usually wait for a confirming phone call or txt before renting a room and before taking a pill.  Last time we met she was over an hour late, I did not receive her emails saying she would be late, so I was actually about to split when she finally picked up the phone and called me.    If I rented a room and took a pill and then had a no show, I too woulw give up on a girl pretty quick after 3 tries.

folske8760 reads

Hi there!  I finally found a few of the old crowd.   Seems everyone really scattered, or I haven't found the new hangout yet.

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