San Diego Ads's Piper from AZ-say it ain't so!..IT' AIN'T SO..I'm NOT retiring;)teeth_smile
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Hey San Diego! How you doin'? ;)
I have not been on your board in a while, but have come to a decision to either "Go big or go home!"..Well, if you know me at all-you know that retreating is NEVER  an option.  So...I have been having SOOO much fun!!! And the people I have been seeing are so happy that I did not go anywhere and commenting how  they could not imagine how I could have got even better than ever and loving and caring I am and.these are not my words -it's a common thread.
Anyhoo. I have never felt better, I am taking really good care of myself, and I am so happy!!!I have always loved what I do-but now I am more strongly in love with itthan ever!
I had a bit of a rough year-not gonna lie-struggoling with my decision...not sure of what I should do-was not quite myself... But I did exactly what I always do...I  let it unfold, create and resonate and VOILA!  BEAUTIFUL things ensued;)
For those of you who don't know me-here are a few facts:
200 plus reviews-Been top provider for a little over 5 years and somewhere in the Top 10 in the world...goofball..Nymphomaniac...Lives in the moment;)
Get ahold of me will be glad you did;)

New photos coming up in the next 1-2 weeks-
Unfortunatlely, I have forgotten know tohow to f'in get a pix up-sorrry. Will reteach myself in times to come. All I know is everyone says that I am hotter and hornier than ever'" ;)

In San Diego today-Friday-May23-25


Piper is not retiring. That's great news! She is the best, guys, do not miss her. Check her reviews. She is amazing!

Sooo glad you didn't retire!  The world needs you back.   You keep it smiling. :).  Need another Piper fix.  The memories won't do any more.

P.S.  Bukkake!

I love Piper!  I last saw her last in Florida in February, and wish like fuck I could travel to the west coast and visit with her.  Goddammit, that will have to wait until summer.  FUCK!!!

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